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Movie Review: Netflix's 'Kidnapping Stella' Is A Suspenseful Must-Stream

Kidnapping Stella Tom Max von der Groeben Vic Clemens Schick Stella Jella Haase Netflix
“Kidnapping Stella” is an impressively taut Netflix thriller that's opener conveys the road ahead for this Netflix movie. The chilling vision of two kidnappers preparing to take a victim hostage for ransom fills the opening minutes. Then, they put their plan into action, ripping Stella off the streets in broad daylight.

Movie Review: 'Trading Paint' Gives John Travolta An Entertaining Vehicle

Trading Paint John Travolta Sam Munroe Shania Twain Becca Kevin Dunn Toby Sebastian Cam Munroe Michael Madsen Linksy Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Cindy Munroe
“Trading Paint” is a movie that requires one to settle in, let go, and enjoy the ride. John Travolta leads this entertaining family drama with the world of stock car racing as its backdrop. Starting on the track, “Trading Paint” soon switches gears to what really drives the film. The boiling over of long-standing tension directed from a son towards his father.