'Money Heist' Season 3 (Part 3) Ending: Is There A Cliffhanger?

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Is the ending of “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”) Season 3 (Part 3) a cliffhanger? It is arguably the question you most want to know before you decide to start (or continue) binge-watching the crime thriller on Netflix. There is nothing worse than having to wait out an edge-of-your-seat plot twist.

Especially, as the wait for Season 4 (Part 4) is currently wearing on, and its premiere is a bit from imminent. Thankfully, yours truly can answer the cliffhanger question without spoiling any specific “Money Heist” plot details. Do not read any further -- unless you want to know the nature of Season 3’s ending.

The answer: Yes, “Money Heist” Season 3 (Part 3) ends on a massive cliffhanger. For binge-watchers, that means having to endure a lot of pondering. Want more specifics without exact details as to who they pertain too? Keep reading!

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Season 3 (Part 3) ends with a life-and-death cliffhanger for one character, a game-changing twist for another, and a life-altering decision for three others. There is no way around it. The latest installment in “Money Heist” changes everything for everyone! Now to the spoiler-laden details!

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of “Money Heist” Season 3 (Part 3) are discussed and disclosed below.

Who is near death?

Sadly, Nairobi is the one whose life is in peril as “Money Heist,” Season 3 ends. Nairobi was shot by a police sniper as she went to the window to see her son, who she had not seen in years. As she was standing there, a shot rang out, striking her. Nairobi’s condition was critical. Severe blood loss was clearly evident.

The hopes of those around her were dim, except Tokyo. She is not exactly known for her relationship with reality, so it is tough to take that as a good sign for Nairobi. As for her chances. “Money Heist” going through with killing off a character that has been so integral to the show is hard to believe, but not impossible too.

Who experienced a game-changing twist?

That would be the Inspector/Raquel/Lisbon. She was captured by the police after her attempts at negotiating with a farming family failed to yield timely results. Knowing that Raquel had an earpiece in to talk to the Professor, the authorities took full advantage of it. Just as the Professor had done earlier, they managed to trick him into believing something that was not true.

They convinced the Professor (and this audience member) that they had shot and killed Lisbon, even after she had surrendered. It was a heart-racing moment that led to a heart-stopping one. The Professor was distraught beyond all reason, believing it full-heartedly. In that moment of absolute blinding grief, he ordered another game-changing twist. Cue that cliffhanger.

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Who participated in a life-altering decision?

The Professor declared war against the authorities and gave an order that was soon brought to horrifying reality. Tokyo and Rio went in and got rocket launchers. The doors to the Bank of Spain were open, and as the authorities prepared to force their way in, an eager Tokyo and Rio unleashed rockets. Two tanks exploded and the people inside of it crawled out the best they could.

Sadly, they were all on fire. Even if the injured police manage to survive, they will suffer from severe burn injuries. The Professor’s decision made him a potential murderer, and he was not alone. It was the disquieting moment where the audience knew there was no going back. “Money Heist” will never be the same.

Where Season 3 Leaves the Audience

There should be no shortage of twists and turns to anticipate when “Money Heist” returns. Season 4 (Part 4) is destined to be another game-changer. If it follows the trend set by its previous seasons, the heist at the Bank of Spain should be concluded within it. Who will survive this life and death battle? How bad is the carnage that the Professor unleashed? Stay tuned!

“Money Heist” Season 4 (Part 4) will premiere on April 3, 2020, on Netflix. The first three seasons/parts are already streaming on the mega-successful platform.

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