'Money Heist': Why Season 2's Ending Almost Made Me Stop There

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“Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) Season 2 (aka Part 2 on Netflix) concludes with a brazen finale that builds for 22 episodes. Typically, the notion of immediately continuing to the next season is an easy one to make. Not in the case of the hit series. Why? Let me explain.

Spoilers for the ending of “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) Season 2 (Part 2) on Netflix are discussed below.

As someone who got caught up in the unexpectedly touching romance between the Professor (Álvaro Morte, “Mirage”) and Inspector Raquel Murillo (Itziar Ituño) -- Season 2 (Part 2), ends perfectly. No, seriously. It takes a long time to get there, but the ending of “Money Heist” Season 2 is one of the best I have ever seen.

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It concludes the heist in a fulfilling manner and leaves you guessing until the final moments as to how it will all shake out. Once the surviving crew members are in the clear, it leaves one last detail left before calling it quits.

Will the Professor and the Inspector end up together? As a viewer, who was anxiously hoping their incredibly star-crossed relationship could survive all of the tumultuous circumstances, this was the main plot point I wanted to see pleasantly resolved.

How Season 2 Ends

Well, yours truly got their wish! “Money Heist” Season 2 (Part 2) ends with Raquel following the Professor's secret coordinates to the island he is hanging out at. The season ends in the appealing full circle way, one would hope it would. Just like when they met, her phone runs out of battery. Guess who offers to let her use theirs? Yes! The Professor!

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As a reason-based romantic, this ending hit the sweet spot. For all of the anxiety about the Professor getting busted and going to jail, it was this unexpectedly tender romance that caught my attention most.

In truth, it garnered just as much emotional investment as the heist itself. In its two parts, “Money Heist” comes on strong as a series that is about more than a clever theft story. A facet that already holds its own allure. The thing is, “Money Heist” is also a pretty deft character drama.

Why mess with everything by watching Season 3 (Part 3)? “Money Heist” concludes in a way that feels complete. If you are wondering whether to continue after the natural pause that Part 2 brings, you were not alone in wanting to contemplate that next move, carefully.

Why Almost Stopped There

It is easy to love the ending of the Professor and the Inspector riding off into the sunset together. After all, it does not take someone as brilliant as either of those characters to realize all “Money Heist” can do in Season 2 is make viewers sweat the couple's staying power. What did I decide?

After watching the first few minutes of Season 3 (Part 3), the decision seemed already made. Tokyo and Rio are not my favorite characters. In fact, they are the hardest parts about watching the series due to how unlikable they both are.

Tokyo always screws everything up, and Rio never cares. He exhaustingly reacts to whatever she does like she is a saint instead of the selfish/awful person that she truly is. Hence, the idea of Rio suffering the consequences of his “love” for her did little to motivate this viewer to continue. Then something happened.

What I Decided

Despite all of that, an innate curiosity persisted. What would it be like to not have to worry about the other shoe dropping in the Professor and the Inspector's relationship? The idea of them teaming up devoid of secrets and actually working as a couple post-sunset ride proved too tempting. “Money Heist” ended up reeling me right back in.

In this case, not watching Season 3, felt like a cop-out. That said, I am all about viewers deciding to hop off a TV journey when they can tell it is going sideways or they enjoyed where they feel the story ends. It is freedom.

“Money Heist” Season 3 (Part 3) involves a totally different heist. Without spoiling anything, the Professor and the Inspector's team-up is everything fans of the couple could likely hope for.

About That Romance

As someone who treasures good romances, the real test of a good couple does not lie in the will they/won't they portion. It is watching them come together, and weather whatever storms lie ahead that provides the true test.

When it comes to the Professor and the Inspector, “Money Heist” is fulfilling the dream of what their partnership could bring. It is refreshing to see a guy like Sergio be embraced by someone as formidable as Raquel. They have met their match in one another. That is something worth tuning in for.

I just hope the writers keep them together and do not undermine their relationship with some sort of irrevocable rift. That would make me regret watching Season 2. Do not do that to me, “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”)!

Seasons 1 through 3 (Part 1 - 3) of “Money Heist” (“La Casa de Papel”) are currently streaming on Netflix.

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