TV Review: How Binge-Worthy Is The Show 'Glitch' On Netflix?

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How binge-worthy is the Australian series “Glitch” on Netflix? Well, yours truly watched the series premiere and has a rough idea of where the answer stands afterward. Season 1 makes it clear that “Glitch” features the merging of several genres, which include horror, drama, and the supernatural.

There are three seasons currently streaming on Netflix. Like the French series, “The Returned,” “Glitch” deals with the shocking return of denizens once dead coming back to life. In the series premiere, local policeman James Hayes (Patrick Brammall) is called to the scene of a cemetery after teenager Beau (Aaron L. McGrath) spots activity.

When James arrives, there are multiple dazed people covered in dirt, wandering around listlessly. Some of them have no memory of who they are but have glitches back to their past lives.

As many might have guessed, James has a personal connection to one of the people who rise from the dead. The thing is, you never would have supposed that from his reaction to their return. If “Glitch” is planning to tell a certain kind of story, it does not provide the response necessary to make their connection alluring.

The first episode of “Glitch” is sharply acted. However, the events the cast is portraying lack the thematic urgency that people rising from the dead should have. For instance, James is mildly curious and enthused by what he learns. Meanwhile, people who should be frustrated by the lack of answers carry on with a sort of business-as-usual demeanor.

It is also frustrating to see one “Glitch” character arrive at a conclusion regarding their name that is obviously untrue. Adding to the tension is that some of the risen dead do not seem that entirely curious about who they are. Nor do they answer direct questions promptly -- a huge personal pet peeve.

Except for Emma Booth's Kate, it is tough to really care for any of the people who have risen from the dead, which is a crucial thing the series needs to succeed. Everyone around Kate is so prickly and hard to decipher that you cannot instinctually care what will become of them. Maybe that changes?

To the credit of “Glitch,” there is a super soapy twist at the very end of its series premiere that dares you to continue. Viewers should know there can be no winners in the situation, so it is tough to justify moving forward. That being said, contemplating such an emotional dilemma should make for a compelling drama to watch.

Unfortunately, “Glitch” does not have the binge-worthy bite that the mermaid drama “Tidelands” or the comic thriller “Wanted” readily supply with their openers. There is so much to choose from on Netflix and a set time in life to explore it. You have to select your programming carefully.

Based on the Season 1 premiere of “Glitch,” personal instinct hints that the mystery will take the entire series to entirely unravel. There is the allure of some interpersonal drama unfolding in the meantime. The growing friendship between former dead guy, Patrick “Patty” (Ned Dennehy) and Beau (the teen who witnesses the group's return from the dead), hints at a compelling dynamic.

For those curious to dive in, the recent release of Season 3 ensures a plentiful supply of episodes to remain submerged in the series' world. Who knows, with a little time it may be worth revisiting. “Glitch” is certainly not dead on arrival.

Series Premiere Rating: 6.5/10

Seasons 1 through 3 of “Glitch” are currently streaming on Netflix.

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