'High Seas' ('Alta Mar') Season 2 Has A Release Date On Netflix

When will “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) Season 2 be released on Netflix? The streaming giant has finally revealed the release date, and it is beyond exciting! The voyage from here to the premiere is going to be smooth and swift sailing.

The Season 2 release date for “High Seas” is November 22! Yes, just in time for the holidays to be getting into full swing. Thanksgiving will only be three days away when “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) Season 2 premieres on Netflix. I already know one of the things I am grateful for!

The first season of “High Seas” starts with an incredible series premiere, and from there it delivers a sea of episodes that swept this fan away. The drama has mystery, romance, family conflict, a fantastic cast, and two terrific anchors as its main characters. If you are considering binge-watching “High Seas” before its Season 2 premiere, I would highly recommend it.

The series is yet another stunner from Spain, which has gifted Netflix with “Money Heist” and “Unauthorized Living,” among other treats. Here is hoping that “Unauthorized Living” will not be far behind “High Seas” when it comes to having a nearby premiere date. Viewers have a good idea of when “Money Heist” will return (hint: soon).

While the world is consumed in the sisterhood of the “Frozen” sequel, Netflix viewers can enjoy the equally compelling adventures of “High Seas'” sister act. For those who may need a refresher or an introduction, “High Seas” follows the Villanueva sisters, Carolina and Eva, as they travel from Spain to Brazil for Carolina’s wedding.

Eva (Ivana Baquero) is a writer with a keen eye for intrigue. Her older sister, Carolina (Alejandra Onieva), helped with the family’s business and is on the verge of marriage as the series begins.

Both sisters plan to start a new life in Brazil after they arrive. However, during their voyage, they uncover shocking family secrets that change everything Eva and Carolina thought they knew about their lives.

“High Seas” is an incredibly intoxicating watch that flows from episode to episode with the comforting rhythm of a boat rocking back and forth. The first season ends in an enticing manner, so I am excited to see where the story goes next!

For costume drama lovers, “High Seas” is a must-see. Speaking of period pieces, I am currently watching the series “Gran Hotel,” which stars Eloy Azorรญn, who plays Carolina's fiance, Fernando on “High Seas.” Azorรญn is beyond entertaining as the mischievous, Javier, in “Gran Hotel.” One of my main hopes for “High Seas” Season 2 is that it will leverage Azorรญn’s talents more.

It will be interesting to see if “High Seas” ever transitions into being a land-set series. Its title hints that there will always be a reason to keep the sisters ship-bound, which I am not opposed too. The set is spectacularly eye-catching, and it has a radiant aura and personality that such things rarely do.

Here is to fans uncovering what “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) has planned next! Season 2 premieres November 22 on Netflix. The first season is currently available to stream.

[Featured Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes/Netflix]