'Last Christmas': Get Excited For The Emilia Clarke Rom-Com!

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There are two things that go together as well as Christmas and candy canes and that is Emilia Clarke and romantic comedies. Okay, Clarke has not had an opportunity to star in one so far in her career. However, there is no doubt she will conquer the genre with her performance in “Last Christmas.”

The “Game of Thrones” scene-stealer has mainly stuck to serious roles. Her performances in the drama “Me Before You” and the underrated horror flick “Voice from the Stone” have given a showcase to Emilia Clarke’s innate ability to conjure romantic chemistry. Cue “Last Christmas,” the rom-com that features Clarke sparking up the screen with Henry Golding (“A Simple Favor,” “Crazy Rich Asians”). Watch the trailer below:

It goes without saying that personal expectations are high to see what she brings to the screen with Golding in “Last Christmas.” Romantic chemistry certainly seems to register in the trailer for the movie, which is now in theaters in the United States.

“Last Christmas” takes its name from the modern Christmas classic. In it, Emilia Clarke plays Kate, a victim of bad luck, who takes a job working as an elf at a full-time Christmas store. Enter Henry Golding’s Tom who manages to change Kate’s entire world and perspective on it.

What did I tell you? It looks amazing! Paul Feig is directing and while I am not the biggest “Bridesmaids” fan, I did enjoy his Melissa McCarthy vehicle “Spy.” His latest does not appear to be a straight-up comedy. There also seems to be a supply of drama in “Last Christmas.” Kate has clearly suffered from some health issues, so that should give a serious touch to the story.

Emilia Clarke is a huge part of the appeal for “Last Christmas” and getting the chance to see her star opposite an actor who can hold their own with her. Henry Golding looks ready to do just that. As an actress, Clarke just lights up the screen whenever she is in on it and it takes a strong lead actor to match her. Let alone, strike up romantic chemistry.

“Last Christmas” will hopefully be another step towards Emilia Clarke taking on more romantic comedies. The genre has recently had a resurgence and I think she has everything that it takes to ride the wave to the very top. In her previous work, Clarke has proven she can exude an exceedingly jovial screen energy and she is what the genre needs – a great actor, period.

It may be a while before yours truly gets to see this one. If “Last Christmas” were available to rent on Amazon Prime Video, I would pay extra to see it. The theater experience has just gotten too terrible. Of course, the downside to waiting for holiday movies to come to DVD/Blu-ray/streaming is that the holiday has already passed by the time you get to see it.

Nevertheless, this in one Christmas movie worth looking forward too! “Last Christmas” is now in theaters in the United States.

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