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Let's Discuss: 'Gran Hotel' Season 3 And The Series' Ending

Gran Hotel Julio Olmedo Julio Espinosa Yon Gonzalez Alicia Alarcon Amaia Salamanca
Image by Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

 “Gran Hotel” Season 3 is also the series’ final one. The addictive drama spans three seasons before it all culminates in an ending that leaves a lot to discuss. There is little in the way of open-endings, but everything that leads up to it is a conversation-starter. Having recently finished watching the series, these are just some of my spoiler-filled thoughts.

Spoilers for Season 3/the final season and the ending of “Gran Hotel” are discussed below.

Everything about Season 3 feels incredibly off-kilter as it gets underway. After the previous season concluded with a bomb going off, all bets seemed to be off. “Gran Hotel” goes from the quiet scheming of a few to a full-blown conspiracy that includes the mass death of many. It all leads to an ending that is not entirely fulfilling.

Let us double back to Season 3 as a whole. The biggest issue with it is that everyone in “Gran Hotel” behaves so out of character. Only Alfredo and to no small extent, Javier, Diego, and Teresa remain true to form. Everyone else’s arc on the costume drama is tough to process.

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Sofia, who has literally killed to stay with Alfredo, cheats on him with a priest. Alicia and Julio fight for no reason, and that is not the least of the issues plaguing their storyline.

Gran Hotel Maite Megan Montaner
Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Maite: Great Character, Unfortunate Storyline

Alicia’s long-lost best friend, who viewers have never heard of before, shows up, and immediately inserts herself into the Alicia/Julio dynamic. Never mind that Alicia is her best friend. Plus, there is no way a smart and sophisticated person like, Maite, would think she had a shot with Julio. It is always apparent that he is in love and devoted only to Alicia.

That “Gran Hotel” goes out of its way to prove that Alicia and Julio will choose each other time and again, makes this last-minute triangle hard to understand. It is not for lack of effort, though. Season 3 tries to make it happen with longing looks and emotional monologues from Maite, but it still does not work.

There is already enough for Julio and Alicia to contend with on their way to being together. A third-wheel just feels extraneous. Maite is a likable and fun character, who quite frankly merits her own show (along with several other “Gran Hotel” inhabitants). Season 3 just does her no favors, until the very end arrives.

Speaking of, let us get into the ending for each “Gran Hotel” character/dynamic and explore what works about it and what does not.

Gran Hotel Alicia Alarcon Amaia Salamanca Julio Olmedo Julio Espinosa Yon Gonzalez
Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Alicia and Julio

Alicia and Julio do end up together. An epilogue shows us that they are married, have a son (Alicia learns she is pregnant in the finale), and Julio has grown a mustache. Yes, it is a lot to take in. Why they had to flee the hotel after getting the green-light from Teresa is not entirely clear. They had it all.

There was no need to leave, especially in the middle of a cholera outbreak. Another thing that “Gran Hotel” seems to ignore during its hasty series finale is the paternity of Alicia’s son, which remains a mystery. That the boy has the same hairstyle as Julio does not a paternity test make. Alicia and Julio's Ending: 7/10

Gran Hotel Diego Murquia Adrian Vera Celande Pedro Alonso
Image by Enrique Baro Ubach / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones


In an incredibly dissatisfying ending for Diego, he is presumably shot and killed by his first wife’s lover, Jesús. Yes, the third maître d’! That it takes so long for Diego to reap his just desserts and that it happens off-screen leaves a lot to be desired. He tormented everyone and raped Alicia.

It should have been Alicia or someone who loved her, who took down Diego. I guess some could argue that Jesús may have been Julio in a few years, but it still does not work. “Gran Hotel” built up the conflict between Diego, Alicia, and Julio for three seasons, only to have it dissolve without their input. Diego's Ending: 2/10

Gran Hotel Dona Teresa Aldecoa y Alarcon Adriana Ozores Angela Cernuda Salinas Concha Velasco
Image by Jaime Olmedo Feijoo-Montenegro / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Theresa and Angela

Theresa eventually regains control of the hotel, and “Gran Hotel” ends with the murderess pretty happy. She gets away with all of her crimes! Theresa loses her relationships with her daughters, but Javier does not appear to go anywhere. As for Theresa's rival, Angela, her ending ensures that Andres' mom is not going anywhere either.

In the final episode, Alfredo gives Angela his post as manager, which she ultimately accepts. It is an ending that ensures both women will remain close to their sons and to each other. If anyone can keep Theresa in line, it is Angela! Theresa's Ending: 7.5/10, Angela's Ending 10/10

Gran Hotel Maite Megan Montaner Belen Marta Larralde Andres Llorenc Gonzalez
Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Maite / Andres / Belén

Andres survives nearly getting executed and remains a well-off hotelier. “Gran Hotel” gave him and his mother one of the more satisfying endings replete with closure. The finale also frees Andres of the spiteful Belén, who ends up trying to harm poor Andres until the bitter end.

Belén ending her life in the finale does not fit with her character. She was a fighter who never accepted defeat. Pre-Season 3 Belén would not give up a chance to live to torment another day or reunite with her son.

As for Andres’ romantic future, he finds love with and ultimately marries, Maite. An excellent pairing and romance that deserved more leadup, even if I loved the destination. Maite and Andres were both good people and worthy of one another. Maite's Ending: 10/10, Andres' Ending: 10/10, Belén's Ending: 4/10

Gran Hotel Alfredo Marques de Vergara Fele Martinez Sofia Alarcon de Marquez de Vergara Luz Valdenebro
Image by Jaime Olmedo Feijoo-Montenegro / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Sofia and Alfredo

In one of the most hard-to-figure plot points of Season 3, Sofia cheats on Alfredo. Being the remarkably beautiful and generous person that Alfredo is, he ultimately forgives his wife. “Gran Hotel” did not leave it there, though. In a bizarre ultimatum, Sofia insists they leave the hotel amid a cholera epidemic with their son, Alejandro. Why did they need to go right then?

They had all been exposed to a deadly illness that they could have carried to the outside world. Be patient. Sofia’s affair and finale demand further mired an already complicated love story. In epilogue news, the duo remained married, and Alfredo became the Mayor of Santander. Congrats Alfredo! Sofia and Alfredo's Ending: 7/10

Gran Hotel Laura Montenegro Marta Hazas Javier Alarcon Eloy Azorin
Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Javier and Laura

After a way-too-drawn-out storyline, Javier’s wife, Laura, gets back on her medication, and returns to the hotel, in the same frame of mind she entered it. In the finale, Javier works to win over Laura, and Season 3 ends with their marriage in flux after Javier ingests cholera-infected water. Yep! Thankfully, the epilogue clears things up.

Javier may or may not have contracted cholera. Regardless, he survives, and so does his marriage to Laura. The couple even goes on to have three children. Javier does not appear super happy, but was he ever that way for long? I would like to imagine they caught the charming rascal in an exhausted moment. Javier and Laura's Ending: 9/10

Gran Hotel Hernando Antonio Reyes Horacio Ayala Pep Anton Munoz
Image by Enrique Baro Ubach / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

Inspector Ayala and Hernando

The heartwarming police duo gets awarded medals and will presumably continue solving crimes. Again, a satisfying ending. Although we have no idea how they got those medals after not just one, but four adults and a baby escaped a mandated quarantine. Nor how they entirely sidestepped any punishment for faking Andres’ execution.

All is well that ends well? Ayala and Hernando definitely deserved a happy ending. As a whole, I could have gone for learning more about Ayala’s backstory in Season 3. Was he ever married? Did Agatha Christie ever come back to town to shadow him for more novels? I still have questions, “Gran Hotel!” Ayala and Hernando's Ending: 10/10

Gran Hotel Alicia Alarcon Amaia Salamanca Julio Olmedo Julio Espinosa Yon Gonzalez
Image by Jaime Olmedo Feijoo-Montenegro / Antena 3 / Tabu Producciones

In Summation

Speaking of questions, Season 3 is going to take a lot to get used to in reviewing it. Like “Game of Thrones,” the controversial final chapter left a lot of open wounds. For instance, “Gran Hotel” did not give viewers the payoff it had built to with Diego.

All of his Diego's crimes failed to get exposed. Adding to the emotional damage was Teresa falling in love (and remaining so) with the man who kidnapped her daughter and murdered countless people to get at Diego. It left a bad taste.

In the end, Teresa and Sofia never answered for the murders they committed. Teresa for one and Sofia for two. Julio did not learn that Alfredo was not his sister’s killer, and Alicia never found out Diego murdered her father.

Worse yet, Diego could theoretically still be alive. Until you actually see anything with your own eyes, can you really believe it? “Gran Hotel” taught its audience to be suspicious.

The three-season ride was an intoxicating one that enthralled throughout. I just cannot get past the out-of-character behavior, so many exhibited in Season 3. To that point, “Gran Hotel” felt like a show that got from A to C with a concrete plan in place for B, only to see the rationalization of its lastly performed midsection deteriorate.

As a whole, two out of three seasons were impeccably executed. Holding the third act against it seems trivial, especially when most of the characters got endings that fit their path. “Gran Hotel” leaving certain aspects open makes you wonder/hope for a follow-up. If nothing else, Ayala has as many more mysteries to solve as the Alarcón’s hotel has rooms.

“Gran Hotel” is available to stream in its entirety (Season 1 – 3) on Netflix.