'Medici' Season 3 Teaser Trailer Reveals Thrilling Final Chapter

Medici Francesco Montanari Savonarola Daniel Sharman Lorenzo de Medici Synnรธve Karlsen Clarice de' Medici John Lynch Pope Sixtus

The trailer for “Medici” Season 3 is here, and it teases a super thrilling final chapter filled with family drama and cutthroat intrigue! “Medici” is heading back for its last season, which first premieres in Italy before going worldwide. The trailer will get fans excited as it reveals Lorenzo de’ Medici leading his family into an uncertain future.

I cannot wait for this show to be back! (Update: Season 3 premieres May 1 on Netflix in the United States.) Albeit, it is with the bittersweet knowledge that Season 3 will be the drama's last. “Medici” has captivated for two seasons. The first of which centered on Cosimo de’ Medici (Richard Madden) before shifting gears to his grandson, Lorenzo (Daniel Sharman), for its final two. Check out the trailer for Season 3 below and reconvene for more info!

Did I tell you it was thrilling? How gorgeous is the “Medici” theme song (“Renaissance” by Paolo Buonvino and Skin)? It is one of the best on television, in my humble opinion. It should be back for the action!

As previously reported, there will be new faces and a return of familiar ones for the final season. Now to the happenings in the teaser trailer for Season 3! While it is only a 34-second montage of footage, it is a lot to take in!

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In the trailer, you can see Lorenzo pledging his fealty to what appears to be a new Pope and likely doting on a young girl who may be his daughter (niece?). Lorenzo’s mom, Lucrezia, also seems to get startled at one point from an unknown person. Most disturbingly, someone appears to brace themselves at the 13-second mark. Is it Lorenzo’s wife, Clarice (Synnรธve Karlsen)?

I hope not! Elsewhere, you can spot someone fencing with Lorenzo’s brother, Giuliano (Bradley James). Maybe, Lorenzo? Is “Medici” going to utilize some flashbacks? Maybe. It would not be the first time that the show has used that to bring late characters into the present. Sword fighting is not the only excitement the Season 3 teaser trailer holds!

Lorenzo has to use a compound bow, and it appears multiple assailants get inside a home. It is unclear whose house it is. The teaser trailer for “Medici” ends on a high note with Lorenzo and his wife, Clarice, raising their arms up to an excited crowd.

Also spotted in the trailer is Lorenzo’s ex-girlfriend, Lucrezia (Alessandra Mastronardi). It is hard to entirely read her expression. However, she appears intrigued or curious about something she sees. I am excited that she will be back and curious about how she will figure into the final season of “Medici.” Considering how the show left off, Lorenzo should remain committed to his wife. It would be devastating if he were not.

Not spotted in the trailer, but reportedly set to star in Season 3 is “Reign” actress Rose Williams. Interestingly, the scene-stealer played Claude de Valois, the daughter of Medici ancestor Catherine de’ Medici, on The CW drama. Williams is said to take on the role of Caterina Sforza Riario in “Medici,” per IMDb.

I am beyond excited for this! Rose Williams is a total star, and she should bring some fireworks to the final season of “Medici.” This is pitch-perfect casting, and it will be a lot of fun to see what she gets up to too! Plus, it provides another neat bit casting trivia considering her past work.

“Medici” has never had a problem bringing together a fantastic cast, and that will continue to be the case in Season 3. This is one show that I wish would never end. If you have done a little research about the real family, you know it is one filled with rich real-life characters and equally dramatic stories.

“Medici” will first air in Italy. A worldwide release date has not gotten announced yet, so stay tuned. The first two seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, and yours truly is hoping Season 3 follows suit! You will not want to miss the final season!

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