Top 5 Most-Read Movie Reviews Of 2019: 'Mirage' And More

Mirage Durante le Tormenta Alvaro Morte David Ortiz
Image by Warner Bros. / Netflix
It is that time of year, again! Time to look back at the most-read movie reviews published in 2019. What made the cut? The top five are filled with an eclectic group of films. Interestingly, they all share one significant factor in common.

Every most-read 2019 movie review in the top five streamed on Netflix in 2019. Reader interest continued to prove the strongest when it came to what the streaming giant had to offer entertainment seekers.

In another similarity, several of the movie reviews below made it onto my list of the year’s best movies. While a remarkable film, the #3 spot came out in 2018. The rest were released in 2019 in the United States.

What is one more common thread between the top five? Four out of the five are thrillers with one slow-burn drama rounding out the group. Without further ado, it is time to dig into the most-read movie reviews of 2019. They run the gamut! From provocative thrillers to quietly stirred dramas, this is the top five!

#5: Blood Will Tell (La Misma Sangre)

One of the year’s best, I cannot speak highly enough of this Argentinian drama. “Blood Will Tell” is contemplative, stirring, and will leave viewers thinking for a long time after the credits roll. Read my full take on it here.

#4: Kidnapping Stella

Remaking a remarkable original film is no easy feat, and “Kidnapping Stella” managed to do that. This was one of those movies that were so well-directed that it still enthralled despite my familiarity with the tale. You can read more thoughts on it here.

#3: Unbridled (Animales sin collar)

This was one of the year’s quietest dramas. “Unbridled” is a slow boil you really have to stick with to get the payoff. The character-driven story deals with a wife and husband coming to a point of reckoning. Political aspirations acting as the tension-filled backdrop. Read more here.

#2: Your Son (Tu Hijo)

Led by the captivating turn of “Unauthorized Living” actor Jose Coronado, “Your Son” is not just a revenge thriller. It is an arresting drama that genuinely explores what it means for a citizen to strike out on their own seeking vigilante retribution. My full thoughts are here.

#2: Mirage (Durante la Tormenta)

“Mirage” is a Spanish-language time travel mystery thriller starring the terrific Adriana Ugarte. The thought-provoking film also stars “Money Heist” lead รlvaro Morte, who plays The Professor on the Netflix hit, as the husband of Ugarte's character. Is “Mirage” a must-see? I weigh in here.

#1: An Affair to Die For

“An Affair to Die For” was released on Netflix, and I watched it as soon as I possibly could. Yours truly is a massive fan of the genre and excited whenever a new thriller such as this one makes the rounds. Thankfully, it did not disappoint and you can find out why here.

Another year filled with movies is officially over. With this blast from the past concluded, it is time to look forward to what 2020 has to offer. Here is hoping Netflix keeps its thriller streak going.

You can currently stream “Mirage,” “An Affair to Die For, ” and all of the movies listed above on Netflix.