Top 5 Most-Read TV Reviews Of 2019: 'High Seas' And More

High Seas Alta Mar Eva Ivana Baquero Carolina Villanueva Alejandra Onieva Netflix
Image by Manuel Fernandez-Valdes / Netflix
TV reviews! A lot of them were published on Eclectic Pop in 2019. There was some more read than others, and in a highly competitive final five, the top spot saw a clear winner. Was it Netflix’s “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”), which had not one but two seasons premiere within 2019? Or was it something else?

A lot of series debuted on Netflix in 2019, and every single show in Eclectic Pop's top five most-read streamed on the giant. It is a trend that this year’s most-read movie reviews also followed. When it came to Netflix, a show from another streamer did not come close. What almost made the top five most-read TV reviews?

Nearing the cut was a review of the Season 3 premiere of Amazon’s “Goliath.” It drew a substantial amount of interest despite entering its third year. The Billy Bob Thornton-led legal drama’s third return got off to a trippy start as it welcomed Dennis Quaid. While a review of it did not make the top five, its loopy beginning left a personal impression.

Another review that came shy of making the top five was a review of the first half of “Knightfall” Season 2, aka the season that introduced “Star Wars” vet Mark Hamill. Originally airing on History, it is now streaming on Netflix along with Season 1.

While there was enough distinction between it and #5 to declare a clear winner, Russia’s robot drama “Better Than Us” just missed the top five. It got off to a hypnotic start before ending in a way that left this with a lot to say about it. Memorable? Yes. Top five? Not quite. Without further teasing, it is time to dive into the reviews that made the cut.

#5: “Medici” Season 2

The costume drama’s second season easily earned a spot among my picks of 2019’s best TV shows. Shifting gears from the first season’s subject, Season 2 focused on Cosimo de’ Medici’s grandson, Lorenzo (Daniel Sharman). Thankfully, it is returning for a much-anticipated third and final season. Find out why I raved about Season 2 here.

#4: “Innocent” (“Masum”) Season 1

New to Netflix in 2019, “Innocent” (“Masum”) was initially released in Turkey back in 2017. A brilliant psychological thriller that gently probed the dynamics of a troubled family following the mysterious disappearance of their son’s new wife. Thrills, family drama, and incredible performances! It was one of the best shows that I watched in 2019, and here is why.

#3: “High Seas” (“Alta Mar”) Season 1 Premiere

Not be confused with a review of the entire season, this review of the Season 1 premiere of “High Seas” dealt with how it set sail. Hint: It was a grand maiden voyage! Fans did not have to wait a year to see how the Spanish-language thriller continued. Season 2 bowed in November 2019. A much-welcomed development because this was another show I really loved.

#2: “Black Spot” Season 2 Premiere

I watched the first season of “Black Spot” back when it was on Amazon Prime Video. So, it was quite a wait before Season 2 arrived. The French-Belgian series ended up switching over to Netflix for its sophomore outing, and it was more than worth the wait for it to do so. The Season 2 premiere did not miss a beat, and it proved to be a telling sign of things to come.

#1: “Black Money Love” (“Kara Para AƟk”)

A review of the first few episodes of “Black Money Love” proved to be the most popular TV review of 2019. The Turkish television series originally debuted back in 2014. It was one of Netflix’s new additions last year, though. Hence, a heightened curiosity over the romantic thriller. Read my take on it here.

Another year of television and the first one on Eclectic Pop to have the most-read reviews from it revealed. Hopefully, this was interesting to you. It was fun to take a trip down memory lane. There were 33 reviews published on Eclectic Pop during 2019, which is almost double the amount produced the previous year. Stay tuned because more are set to follow!

You can currently stream “High Seas” and every other show on this list on Netflix.