'The Red Shadows' Episode 3: New Clues Fuel More Theories

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“The Red Shadows” (“Les Ombres Rouges”) packed in the surprises as Clara and the Garniers dealt with the shocking aftermath of her DNA rest. Not everyone felt the same way, and Clara (Manon Azem) struggled with it more than anyone. Cue the arrival of Clara’s fiance in Episode 3, and things got even more complicated and conflicted.

Spoilers for Episode 3 of Sundance Now’s “The Red Shadows” are discussed below.

Clara was still reeling over learning that she does not share her siblings’ biological father. Aurore’s dad denied having any knowledge of his wife/their mom being unfaithful. Nor did Clara and Aurore’s uncle have any more clues to offer. Episode 3 provided clues elsewhere in “The Red Shadows.”

Post-Episode 3 Theories

One theory is that Clara was not conceived in a consensual relationship, aka a secret love affair. If that is the case, the man may have been obsessed with Clara and Aurore’s mom and learned he was Clara’s biological father.

As Aurore suggested, learning about Clara’s paternity could have led him to kidnap her. Think the original story surrounding Jon Snow’s parents on “Game of Thrones.” “The Red Shadows” certainly did not take the possibility off the table.

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Grandpa Garnier remains a top suspect. That said, the key to solving everything may lie in what Clara herself is capable of remembering. Throughout Episode 3, she had flashbacks to the kidnapping and her subsequent captivity. Her ordeal playing out through the barrier of a red covering. Hence, “The Red Shadows.”

What Clara Remembers

Clara remembered a voice asking if a person brought their fiancรฉe and talk of her being able to recognize them. Clearly, the kidnappers were in the Garniers’ inner circle. After also recalling a voice refusing to be a full-time babysitter, Clara called the Garniers’ person (Iris). She rejected the sale of the hotel, saying she did not want the money.

Clara also met a drug kingpin that her fiance introduced her too. She clearly knew him and him her, even though both denied it. What is Clara’s secret past, and how does it relate to the town’s drug ring? Does her connection to it tie into the overarching mystery of “The Red Shadows”?

Money, Money, Money

Clara’s fiance was revealed to be abusive. Hopefully, a breakup is in the offing. He is clearly after her inheritance. Ever the opportunist, he decided to make a play for Clara to invest her family's legitimate fortune into the criminal underworld. What. A. Boyfriend.

Elsewhere, Clara’s brother, Frรฉdรฉric, learned that his own money situation is not what he expected. Frรฉdรฉric (Raphaรซl Lenglet) is obviously too young to have been behind the kidnapping, but that does not mean he was not behind the shots that were taken at the family during lunch in a previous episode of the French-language series.

Aurore Annoyed

Aurore not answering her phone and ignoring her husband bothered me a great deal in Episode 3. She probably thinks she will be able to mend things after solving the Clara mystery. However, “The Red Shadows” has indicated that such a resolution is highly unlikely so far and for a good reason.

Her husband is understandably frustrated, and instead of explaining herself, she has not fought for him at all. It is as if she does not really care about what he is doing, or that they are on the verge of divorce. If she cared, you would think she would do more.

Thelma and Dumb Decisions

As all of this is going on, the youngest Garnier sibling, Thelma (Eden Ducourant), got into even more trouble on “The Red Shadows.” Remember the drug dealer her big brother, Gabriel, beat up? Well, he also flushed the dealer’s drugs.

The dealer subsequently demanded money in Episode 3. Having looped her two friends into the situation, unwise Thelma stole her father’s car, to pay him off. Her annoying friend refused to drive away after the volatile dealer showed up.

Thelma’s friend said he should go out and talk to the dealer. As you would suspect, that plan failed. Thelma ended up getting into the driver’s seat and backing over the dealer, killing him. Gabriel (Raphaรซl Lenglet) came to Thelma’s rescue again.

Episode 3 Ending

Aurore arrived to investigate the man’s death. She has a lot of distractions, so I expect Thelma to get away with killing the dealer for a while. “The Red Shadows” concluded Episode 3 with Clara having been punched by her fiance. He stared at her menacingly, and the credits rolled.

I hope Clara rises up and deals with him. It was a surprising way to leave the episode. A lot of missing and obtuse pieces remain. This installment of “The Red Shadows” brought viewers many clues. The question is where they fit into the winning theory.

The series remains as twisty as “Absentia,” elaborate as “Gonul,” and addictive as “You.” I sort of wish it was streaming all at once. However, getting the chance to ponder it week-to-week still holds an allure.

New episodes of “The Red Shadows” (“Les Ombres Rouges”) premiere Thursdays on Sundance Now. There are only three episodes left, so stay tuned! Eclectic Pop’s coverage will continue up through the finale!