TV Review: 'Gonul' ('Hatirla Gonul') Makes Great Netflix Binge

Gonul Hatirla Gonul Tekin Onur Saylak Gรถkรงe Bahadir Engin ร–ztรผrk Yusuf
There is no show on Netflix more captivating than “Gonul” (“Hatirla Gonul”). One season comprised of thirty-eight episodes tells the dramatic tale of its title character, played by Gรถkรงe Bahadir. Gonul is a nurse working at a prestigious hospital in Istanbul, Turkey. She is also engaged to the chief of staff’s temperamental son, Tekin (Onur Saylak).

In the opener, Gonul moves forward with wedding plans despite there being trouble in paradise with her fiancรฉ. Then, a bombshell gets dropped. A woman comes to her with an ominous warning about Tekin. From there, it is a series of non-stop shocks. “Gonul” is jam-packed with surprising detours and developments.

Told in nearly 40 episodes, this is not going to be a quick weekend binge-watch on Netflix. It will take time to work through. “Gonul” has a rich story with deeply realized characters that drive the story, making every episode worthwhile. There are a plethora of twists, and none of them feel aimed to drag things out.

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They tell an impactful story that takes off in unexpected directions. “Gonul” is an absorbing series with a great cast of characters. It has a full ensemble, and the series takes its time fleshing out each member of it. Gonul remains at the forefront of the action as she finds herself thrust into numerous dramatic developments.

The show does something very clever at the beginning with the reveal that at some point in time, Gonul gets amnesia. Viewers have to watch to find out how things ended up that way. A mystery that creates a terrific backdrop as “Gonul” unfolds. There is also Gonul’s past and present, which collide in entirely unexpected ways.

The audience learns something new with every episode, and nothing surrounding it feels like filler. It is tricky to talk about the show without giving away any spoilers. Essentially, everything that you thought you knew about Gonul’s life when “Gonul” starts changes by the end.

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The performances are terrific with Gรถkรงe Bahadir giving a captivating turn as Gonul and Onur Saylak giving a multi-layered performance as Tekin. Saylak brings a level of gravitas and texture to his characterization, not usually found with the portrayal of such a role. Meanwhile, Cahit Gรถk is a scene-stealer as the lovable Helmi.

As a whole, the cast is just phenomenal. There is not a weak link in the ensemble. “Gonul” is a larger-than-life story that is compellingly told. It is crafted with numerous parts that nest together. In truth, everything is connected, and it is fun to see how it all ties in. There is never a dull moment.

“Gonul” is how a romantic thriller should be done. The ending does make me hope there is another season at some point. Online research has not given rise to a whole lot of info that indicates Season 2, though. I will personally be keeping the dream that changes alive!

Rating: 8.5/10

“Gonul” Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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