'Ragnarok' Season 1 Ending Explained: Plus, Season 2 Theories

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“Ragnarok” finished its first season with a climactic face-off that should change everything for Magne going forward. In fact, the ending of Season 1 opened up a ton of possibilities. So while waiting for Season 2, it is time to get into the theories, thoughts, and plots that comprised the intriguing finale of the Netflix series.

Season 1 set out quite a few seeds destined to flourish. Now that “Ragnarok” has gotten renewed for Season 2, it is all uphill from here. Hence, it is time to delve into what the Season 1 ending means and the theories that could rock its developing world. Here is how “Ragnarok” Season 1 ended!

Spoilers for the ending of “Ragnarok” Season 1 are below.

After six episodes on Netflix, the conflict between Magne and the Jutuls came to a head on “Ragnarok.” It is safe to say that by the time of Season 1’s ending, there is not enough room in Edda for Magne and the Jutuls. Or at least, Magne and two of the Jutul family members. This is what went down.

The Final Face-Off

Facing pressure from his “family,” Fjor decides to kill his one-time girlfriend, Gry, to protect their secret. Earlier in Season 1, Gry ventured into their inner sanctum and discovered the photo album that proved the mystical frost giants have been alive for a long, long time. Upon learning that Gry knew that important fact surrounding their secret, Vidar demanded that she be killed.

Fjor fought it before eventually seeming to give in during the Season 1 finale. “Ragnarok” set up the tense situation as Magne noticed Fjor leaving the town’s celebration with Gry in the ending episode. As expected, Magne wastes no time coming to her rescue. Before Fjor can kill her, Magne steps in, and dispatches Fjor, before ending up in a battle with Fjor’s “dad,” Vidar. 

The Battle’s Outcome

As darkness falls over Edda, Magne and Vidar face-off with the latter getting the best of Magne. Vidar taunts Magne, denying he is Thor and the Giants’ arch enemy. When Vidar says that Magne is a “scared, little boy” like his father and confirms that he killed Isolde, Magne has had enough.

Vidar prepares to rip out Magne’s heart and Magne screams, calling down a thunderbolt that blasts both of them. Wenche (the well-known store clerk) narrates the final minutes of Season 1’s ending saying that the titular “Ragnarok” is not the end, it is the beginning. Magne is far from dead as his hand clinches into a fist and M83’s soaring opus “Outro” plays Season 1 out to its credits.

What The Ending Means For Season 2

Magne will definitely be back. He is the star of “Ragnarok” after all. Vidar’s fate is a bit more suspect, although, I cannot imagine Season 2 without him. He is arguably the big bad of the series. The show would not be the same without him, especially since viewers only got a sense of his full villainy during the ending. Of course, asking Fjor to kill Gry was an obvious hint.

Speaking of which, will Fjor and Gry break-up for good after he tried to kill her? I would hope so. Magne is ten-times the person that Fjor is, and Gry should realize that after Season 1’s ending. Of course, “Ragnarok” has continuously hinted that Fjor is a grey-area character despite his bad behavior. I could see the show angling him to be the Lex Luthor to Magne’s Clark Kent.

Season 2 Theories

I really think that Magne’s brother, Laurits, is the biological son of Vidar. The dancing that Laurits did with the Jutuls at the school dance heavily indicated that. Plus, “Ragnarok” not so subtly hinted that Magne’s mother, Turid, used to be romantically involved with Vidar. Add in what Ran said about mortal women and it is practically a smoking gun.

If Laurits is a biological Jutul, it could be a problem for him and Magne later on. The brothers do seem to care for one another, but it is clear that Laurits is fascinated by the Jutuls and their lifestyle. Sadly, “Ragnarok” could be setting up a potential rivalry between the brothers Seier.

The great news is that “Ragnarok” will be back to tell all of us. Netflix has renewed the series and a release date is currently pending. Fans are still waiting for the second season of “The Order” to be released more than a year after its debut on the streamer. Here is hoping it will not be that long for “Ragnarok.”

“Ragnarok” Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix, along with a lot of other fantastic TV content. Want to read about more endings? Eclectic Pop has you covered here.