Need More 'Yellowstone' In Your Life? Check Out This After Show

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If you love “Yellowstone,” and the very next thing you want to do after watching it is to find out what other people are saying, there is good news. There is an after show on YouTube to fulfill your needs. At 10:01 pm ET, right after a new episode finishes airing on Paramount Network, Review Nation’s “After Yellowstone,” gets right into what you need to know. 

Update: I will be a guest on the August 16 (this Sunday’s) episode of “After Yellowstone” with host Derek Sante, special guest Kyle Red Silverstein, and TV Fanatic’s Carissa Pavlica, to discuss Episode 9 of “Yellowstone” Season 3 entitled (“Meaner Than Evil”). You can watch the show live or later on YouTube here.

Keep scrolling to learn all about what happened last week on “After Yellowstone.” Here is the rundown on the August 10 installment and why you should watch it.

Host: Derek Sante

Guests: Special guest “Yellowstone” actor Rudy Ramos, Vegas Film Critic’s Jeffery K. Howard, and me!

Derek Sante hosts the show, which those watching live can weigh in on. For this past week’s episode “I Killed A Man Today” (Season 3, Episode 8), Sante welcomed special guest Rudy Ramos, who plays Monica’s grandfather Felix Long, on “Yellowstone.”

Massive thanks to Derek Sante for inviting me to join in on this week’s “After Yellowstone.” It was a dream! Getting the chance to pose questions to actor Rudy Ramos was thrilling, and it was an honor to speak with him. During the show, I got to ask him what his favorite “Yellowstone” scenes have been and how Felix would feel about Monica’s storyline during this week’s episode. He gave terrific answers to both and fans will want to hear them.

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“After Yellowstone” featured a wonderful conversation that spanned this week’s episode of “Yellowstone” and last week’s jaw-dropping installment. There was a lot to cover and various opinions on what has transpired and what could happen as Season 3 concludes. Host Derek Sante, actor Rudy Ramos, and critic Jeffrey K. Howard, had a lot of thought-provoking things to say about it. 

As a huge “Yellowstone” fan, I found the conversation highly stimulating. Derek Sante’s enthusiasm and hosting skills made the time fly by and Jeffrey K. Howard’s commentary on Season 3, Episode 8 was equally invigorating. Add in Rudy Ramos’ aforementioned contributions and you have a must-see.

Ever since June, I have been writing non-stop about “Yellowstone” for CinemaBlend. The only thing I love as much as watching “Yellowstone” is writing about it, so getting the chance to do that has been grand. Derek Sante offering me the opportunity to make my first foray into talking about “Yellowstone” where others could see me weigh in on it, proved to be a fun chance to take.

I want to thank Derek Sante again for having me. You can watch the full “Yellowstone” after show entitled, “After Yellowstone,” by following this link to watch on YouTube.

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