Why You Need To Start Catching Up On TV's: 'Yellowstone,' 'Absentia,' And 'Dark' Now

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What do “Yellowstone,” “Absentia,” and “Dark” all have in common? There are a few things. They are all incredibly intoxicating dramas with their own set of unique twists. However, the most pressing similarity is that all of them will be returning for their second seasons this month.

That’s right! Summer is going to be far from slow when it comes to this year’s programming. If you want to be ready to enjoy each series’ return in June 2019, you need to start binging now. Wondering why you should give them a go?

Here are the reasons you need to start catching up on “Yellowstone,” “Absentia,” and “Dark.” As well as when each of them will have their Season 2 premieres. Do not worry. No spoilers will be spilled.


Kevin Costner leads this downright addictive drama. Season 1 was riveting from start to finish. Described as containing a “gold mind of thrilling family drama,” I gave “Yellowstone” a 9 out of 10. The Paramount Network series follows the turbulent lives of the Dutton family.

Ran by family patriarch John Dutton (Costner), the Dutton's own a dynasty but are struggling to maintain it as an ongoing legacy. As rivals make their presence known in Season 1, Dutton tries to rally his adult kids and fight back.

If you enjoyed Netflix’s “Unauthorized Living,” the intrigue of the Netflix series “Medici,” Starz's “Magic City,” or Westerns in general, “Yellowstone” should get a green light.

It will be exciting to see where Season 2 takes things. There is an electric sense of where the show is heading. It certainly left off on an interesting note.

Read the full review for “Yellowstone” here. “Yellowstone” Season 2 premieres June 19, 2019, on Paramount Network.


The first season of “Absentia” was a ride. It certainly ended in a way I could not have anticipated when it got underway. The series stars “Castle” co-lead Stana Katic as Emily Byrne. Emily is a wife, mother, and FBI special agent who is found six years after she disappears.

Realizing little remains of the life she used to have, Emily soon finds her situation deteriorate further. No sooner does she return from the dead then she becomes a suspect in a new murder case. Season 1 was an enthralling watch. It will be interesting to see what, if any, changes Season 2 makes to its approach of Emily's dynamic with her family.

There is a lot of potential for “Absentia” in the long-term. It has a likable lead, and it does not take her down the roads, you may expect. Having gained further distance from Season 1, it has made my appreciation for its quality, increase.

“Absentia” Season 2 premieres June 14, 2019, on Amazon Prime.


Time travel is not yours truly’s favorite plotline, which makes the personal praise heaped on “Dark” all the more remarkable. The German-language Netflix series is equal parts thrilling, mysterious, and mind-bending. At its core, it is a family drama, and that is what leads to so much of its appeal and “Yellowstone’s” for that matter.

Those dynamics never get boring. Add in the trippy angle of sci-fi, and you have an engaging show. Was a little late to the party when it came to watching it upon its initial release out of fear of enduring a long wait for Season 2. Nevertheless, that ended up happening. No regrets though.

The first season of “Dark” earned a “9.5/10” for its storytelling and ability to keep a hold of an elaborate set of plot points without getting tangled. Every character is fascinating, and as you learn the backstory of who they used to be, their layers only bolster that feeling.

Read the full review of Season 1 here. “Dark” Season 2 will premiere in its entirety on June 20 on Netflix.


Are you convinced to start your marathon? “Yellowstone” is available on-demand. You can currently binge the first season of “Dark” on Netflix and “Absentia” on Amazon.

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