Netflix Finally Revealed When 'Monarca' Season 2 Will Premiere

Monarca Irene Azuela Ana Marรญa Carranza Dรกvila Netflix
Ana Cristina Blumenkron / Netflix

When is “Monarca” Season 2 finally going to premiere on Netflix? The streaming giant has finally revealed the answer, and the wait is not going to last too much longer. “Monarca” burst onto Netflix back in September 2019. Fortunately, I binged it earlier this year, which means this viewer has not had to wait as long as others who watched it shortly after it got released.

Excitingly, the wait for the second will be over at the start of 2021. “Monarca” Season 2 will premiere on January 1, 2021, on Netflix, and there is a trailer out for it. I found an English-dubbed version (the series is Spanish-language). One with English subtitles did not turn up in a pretty thorough search. That said, the Season 2 trailer is riveting and explosive. It is safe to say that a lot of drama is heading the Carranzas’ way. Take a look below:

New characters, more drama, and a ton of intrigue? Another season of “Monarca” is definitely on its way to Netflix. It appears that Season 2 will introduce a cousin of the Carranza siblings, who, like Ana Marรญa last season, is heading into the series on a mightily moral high horse. Will she end up slipping from its lofty height before Season 2 ends? Stay tuned.

Warning: Spoilers for the ending of “Monarca” Season 1 get discussed below.

There are many things to note in the Season 2 trailer, and one of them is that Ana Marรญa does not appear to be in jail. Nor is there an explicit mention of her arrest for her father’s murder. That shocking twist played out in the final minutes of Season 1. Will she get absolved early on next season?

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Where would the drama be in that? While I would have expected it to last for a while, “Monarca” proved that it (like “You Cannot Hide”) is willing to move on fairly quickly from its storylines. Or at least make a lot of progress with them. So, it would not be entirely surprising if Season 2 exonerated Ana Marรญa early on. As for the trailer’s other developments.

Cecilia appears to be battling some sort of mental issue, although she does make the surprisingly lucid decision to put Andrรฉs in charge of Monarca. Meanwhile, it seems that Ana Marรญa is going to learn about her husband’s tell-all book centered on the Carranza’s. While her anger is justified, she should not forget that she is not 100% innocent in their marriage. She cheated on him. (Just saying.)

In related news, it seems like there will be another fight between Andrรฉs and Joaquin and a wedding. Maybe, Joaquin’s son is getting married to his girlfriend? I doubt his daughter, Lourdes, is heading down the aisle since “Monarca” viewers never saw her in any sort of romance last season. Who knows, though? She could get into a whirlwind relationship that hurriedly ushers her down the aisle.

Fans will find out soon enough. “Monarca” Season 2 premieres on January 1, 2021 (New Year’s Day) on Netflix alongside a lot of binge-worthy TV shows, including the sizzling Spanish-language series, “Playing with Fire.” One thing is for sure, 2021 is getting off to a strong start with the series’ return.