'The Blacklist' Creator Teases Liz And Ressler's Season 8 Future

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Will they? Or won’t they? That is the question that “Blacklist” fans have been asking themselves regarding Liz and Ressler’s relationship for a long time. Not far into Season 8, Liz and Ressler have already shared their first kiss. Is the best yet to come? The creator of “The Blacklist” has teased Liz and Ressler’s future this season, and it sounds epic.

The FBI partners have been good friends after getting past a rough start early on in the series’ run and have only grown closer in recent seasons. That is until Liz decided to join ranks with Katarina. Regardless of that, Ressler seems to be keeping a torch lit for Liz and her humanity. Liz will probably need it, considering where Season 8 left off for her on “The Blacklist.”

Liz is out for Red’s blood after he killed Katarina, which puts Ressler in all kinds of hot water. He is not Red’s biggest fan. However, Ressler has witnessed the good that Red has done for the world. Plus, he would not want Liz to go to prison. Where does that leave the maybe-couple? Asked about Liz and Ressler’s Season 8 future, creator of Jon Bokenkamp told TheWrap:

It’s interesting, after seven years I think that one of the most important people in Liz’s life is Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff). They really do care about each other — and, after all they’ve been through as partners, how could they not? That relationship is evolving and will continue to evolve this season. I don’t want to give anything away, but that relationship — it’s going to get… complicated very fast.

“Complicated” --? Does this have to do with Liz and Ressler once again being on opposite sides of the law? Perhaps. Jon Bokenkamp does not give away Liz and Ressler’s relationship fate on “The Blacklist.” There is somewhat compelling evidence that viewers are witnessing something steaming up between them. Only two episodes into Season 8, they have already kissed! Yes, even if Liz’s motivations were questionable.

Besides, Liz and Ressler are no strangers to being on opposite sides of the law. They have come a long way since Ressler led the on-the-ground manhunt for Liz after she killed Cabal-member, Tom Connolly, in Season 2. Since then, things have gotten into a strange normal for Liz and Ressler, and “The Blacklist” has continuously teased fans about their future.

Following Tom’s death, Liz has leaned on Ressler and even learned his big secret (Ressler killed the man who murdered his dad in cold blood) last year, so they have only gotten closer. Jon Bokenkamp does not confirm that a romance is undoubtedly happening, but what else could be the point of all of this slow-building lead-up? As an original viewer, I always thought “The Blacklist” had Liz and Ressler as its endgame couple.

Fans of “Keenler” (Keen + Ressler) have had to be extraordinarily patient to know for sure, though. Will their patience finally pay off? It would be pretty cruel for “The Blacklist” to continue teasing this relationship without any firm resolution. My instinct says that Ressler and Liz are each other’s endgame. Why else do you think Liz has been single since Tom’s death?

Liz has focused on other things, but Ressler has been “with her” the whole time. I think Liz and Ressler have enjoyed each other’s companionship without crossing the “friend zone” (see: “Just Friends”). That said, Liz has had no doubts that Ressler would be there for her, and remember how Ressler’s short-term girlfriend reacted to him dropping everything to help Liz back in Season 6?

If “The Blacklist” is not sizing up Liz and Ressler for a relationship, I will be absolutely shocked. Ressler understands why Liz is doing what she is breaking the law and seems to blame Red for everything regarding Liz’s current moral trajectory. For her part, Ressler’s days as a “gnome killer” have not killed her feelings for him.

Is the Liz/Ressler ship finally pulling into port? Stay tuned. “The Blacklist” will be back with new Season 8 episodes in the new year. Enjoy those Hallmark holiday movies while you can because Season 8 returns on Friday, January 22, 2021, at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. In other words, it is a little over a month away.