TV Review: Is 'You Cannot Hide' An Unstoppable Netflix Thriller?

You Cannot Hide No te Puedes seconder Eduardo Noriega Daniel M贸nica Blanca Soto Netflix
Image by Netflix, Telemundo

You will not want to hide from the opportunity to binge this seemingly self-contained thriller on Netflix. Opening in the breathtaking cityscape of Madrid, “You Cannot Hide” (“No Te Puedes Esconder”) follows a compelling mother/daughter duo through loads of thrilling drama. M贸nica (Blanca Soto) and her young adult daughter Natalia (Samantha Siqueiros) are from Mexico, and they bring a mysterious past with them.

They are surrounded by friends and, in M贸nica’s case, a photographer boyfriend, 脕lex (Iv谩n S谩nchez). While M贸nica is a devoted mother, she is understandably caught up in the intoxicating fervor of a romance with the father of Natalia’s best friend. What escapes M贸nica is that Natalia and her best friend, Eli, are going through a rough patch. Adding to the intrigue is that “You Cannot Hide” quickly reveals that a mystery man (Eduardo Noriega) is closely following M贸nica’s movements.

His goal is pretty apparent, but “You Cannot Hide” has some surprises in store for him and viewers. Hence, this is one of Netflix’s explosive dramas. The Spanish-language series is teeming with terrific thrills and mysterious chills. I will not give away what happens other than to tease that the twists and turns this series takes provide a wild ride that enraptures from the get-go and onward.

The characters are multi-layered, and the drama matches them in spinning an equally complex web. It is a sprawling story that moves at a reasonable speed. Each episode ends with a wonderful segue into the next. The only issue is the disruptive intro that plays at the midpoint of an installment presented on Netflix.

It does provide a rabid desire to reach for the streamer’s “skip intro” option to proceed as quickly as possible with the next scene. Thus, building tension quickly. In a move of equally smart suspense, “You Cannot Hide” does not stay stuck on one story for long. Like “Gran Hotel,” the show steadily moves from revelation to revelation without leaving its audience in the dust.

In getting viewers to care about the mother/daughter duo at its core, “You Cannot Hide” ensures them sticking around to learn what awaits them while avoiding a trope-overload. M贸nica and Natalia are easy to root for. As the series begins to split the narrative between them and another looming mystery around Natalia’s friend, it feels like a natural next step rather than a diversion.

The stacked ensemble's performances deliver a wide-ranging breadth of emotion that paints a vast array of grey-area characters while M贸nica and Natalia point true north. Blanca Soto provides the show with ample “mama bear” energy, while Samantha Siqueiros gives off affable daughter bear vibes.

Each woman is likable, and that is the key that unlocks everything “You Cannot Hide” has to offer, with Eduardo Noriega (Daniel) supplying the charisma necessary for the show to take a bold swing. Meanwhile, Iv谩n S谩nchez (脕lex) and Maribel Verd煤 (Urrutia) rivetingly fuel another subplot involving a murder mystery. S谩nchez showing off vital enigmatic energy to stir the drama even more.

While there are two mysteries at its core, the good news for prospective Netflix streamers is that “You Cannot Hide” can get watched as a limited series. It gets tied up with a healthy ending that also leaves the door open for more. The result is a captivating binge that will leave viewers looking for Netflix’s best TV options on the edge of their seats.

Rating: 8/10

“You Cannot Hide” (“No Te Puedes Esconder”) is currently streaming on Netflix.