'Vikings' Season 6 Part 2 Gets Release Date And Trailer With A Twist

Vikings Gunnhild Ragga Ragnars Bjorn Alexander Ludwig History
Image by Jonathan Hession / History

It is the news that every fan of “Vikings” has been waiting for since Season 6 ended the first of its two parts on History back in early February. Cut to the present, and “Vikings” finally has a release date and trailer for Season 6 Part 2. The good news? Both are coming to your TV screen sooner than you might have expected and with a surprising twist.

“Vikings” Season 6 Part 2 will premiere Wednesday, December 30, and fans will get to binge-watch everything that happens with Ragnar’s sons after that jaw-dropping cliffhanger. Wait. What? Yes, you read that correctly. For the first time, you will get to watch all of “Vikings’” remaining 10 episodes without a week-long delay because “Vikings” is heading from History to Amazon Prime Video.

For almost all of its run, “Vikings” has first aired on History with seasons arriving on Amazon Prime Video at a later date for Prime members. Not anymore. The final chapter in the lives of Ragnar’s remaining sons (Bjorn, Ivar, and Ubbe) will initially unfold on Prime Video. If you are not currently a Prime member, you can start a 30-day free trial to try it out on Amazon. Now, watch the trailer:

There is a lot for “Vikings” fans to sift through from this trailer. First, not only is Bjorn alive, Harald Finehair is too, even though he also appeared mortally wounded when “Vikings” left off in Season 6. At least, he seems to be at the 1:40 mark of the trailer. It could be a dream/nightmare sequence. If Harald is alive, I cannot imagine him living too much longer.

Harald raped Bjorn’s second wife, Ingrid, in the Part 1 finale. So, if Ingrid tells Bjorn the truth, it should sign his death warrant. The official plot synopsis for “Vikings” Season 6 Part 2 does not mention anything either way. Elsewhere, there is talk of the Rus and Vikings’ conflict coming to a “grave” head. Over in Iceland, Ubbe is going to continue exploring. Meanwhile, the show will be returning to one of its long-time haunts.

After spending the first half of Season 6 away from Wessex, “Vikings” will return there. Alfred the Great is resisting the Vikings, and according to the synopsis, Ivar will once again cross paths with Alfred. This time, it will be for a “final reckoning,” which sounds pretty ominous. If you watch “Vikings” and similarly-themed genre fare, you know that Alfred the Great is a pretty big deal.

Hence, it is not at all surprising that “Vikings” is heading back to Wessex. The show has historically spent a lot of time there, including when Ragnar and Lagertha set up the Vikings’ settlement under King Ecbert’s watch. Kievan Rus stood in for the non-Kattegat realm of the series last season. Well, that and Iceland. Check out Season 6 Part 2’s key art below and keep reading for further speculation.

Vikings Season 6 Part 2 Key Art
Image by Amazon

Part 2 will be the first half of any “Vikings” season without Lagertha, who got killed a bit before the last half’s finale. Katheryn Winnick has an active movie (Netflix’s “Polar”) and TV career (ABC’s “Big Sky”), so fans can still see her in action. Part 2 is facing not only the loss of Lagertha but (in all likelihood) also hers and Ragnar’s son, Bjorn.

The heir-apparent got struck down by a soldier appearing as “Ivar” during the climactic battle with Oleg (Season 6 newcomer Danila Kozlovsky). “Vikings” creator Michael Hirst had indicated that Bjorn would eventually perish when Season 6 Part 2 begins, even though his death appeared incontrovertibly apparent in the finale. Hirst told TV Guide

Well, he's not dead, is he? He's very, very badly wounded[.] I can't tell you too much, but what I can tell you is the [midseason premiere] is an extraordinary episode and a number of things that you thought were true at the end of [midseason finale] proved not to be quite true.

Fans will get to see Michael Hirst’s handiwork play out just in time for an end-of-year binge. “Vikings” Season 6 Part 2 premieres exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on Wednesday, December 30. You will not have to fill your viewing slate with costume dramas adjacent to “Vikings” much longer. Find out how the series ends before 2021 begins.