'Vikings' Season 6B Ending: Who Dies In The Final Season?

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It may sound like a morbid list, but this is “Vikings” we are talking about. A lot of death and destruction has punctuated the series during its six-season run, and its last chapter (Season 6B) proves no less deadly. It would be easier to say who survived the ending. However, this list of major deaths helps get the point across. So, who dies in the final season?

Spoiler Alert: “Vikings” spoilers revealing who died in Season 6B (aka Part 2 of Season 6) get discussed beyond this point. Do not continue reading unless you really want to know.

First off, two of Ragnar’s sons end up surviving Season 6B. The others die. One of those son’s fates is pretty easy to figure out if you watched Part 1’s finale. They are not the only person to perish during the course of “Vikings” Season 6B, though. Without further ado, it is time to get into it. This is who dies in the final season of “Vikings.”

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Bjorn Ironside

Yes, Ragnar and Lagertha’s son/their only surviving child dies in Episode 11 (“King of Kings”) of Season 6 (full recap here). A dying Bjorn leads the charge for Norway to defeat the Rus after several life-ending arrows get shot at him by a Rus soldier. While not shown on “Vikings,” his parents will undoubtedly welcome him to Valhalla. Alexander Ludwig shared his thoughts on Bjorn’s ending in this interview with Eclectic Pop.

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King Olaf

King Olaf, the guy on “Vikings” who tried to make peace and unite all of Norway under one king, got executed by Ivar and Prince Oleg. Prince Igor was made to carry out the death sentence. Before his death, King Olaf revealed that he had converted to Christianity. Despite his sentence's horror, Olaf appeared to go without physical pain in Episode 11 of Season 6.

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This was the saddest death of “Vikings” Season 6B. Bjorn and Torvi’s little daughter (pictured left), who watched her grandmother join her grandfather in Valhalla last season, dies during the final season. How? Asa is lost at sea during Ubbe and company’s trip to Greenland. With Asa goes the last of Lagertha’s known bloodline in Episode 13 (“The Signal”) of Season 6.

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Prince Oleg

Prince Oleg (Danila Kozlovsky) loses his mind over Katia (Alicia Agneson) betraying him. After Ivar and Oleg’s brother Dir return to claim Kyiv, Oleg heads out of his palace, desiring death. Not on his “Vikings” bucket list is his nephew Igor shooting him with an arrow. Oleg cries, “No, Igor. Not you!” before falling to his death in Episode 15 (“All At Sea“) of Season 6.

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Following Bjorn’s death on “Vikings,” Gunnhild (Ragga Ragnars) and Ingrid briefly fight for the throne of Kattegat. To their surprise, Harald returns to claim it instead and proposes marriage to both of Bjorn’s widows. Instead of marrying Harald Finhair, Gunnhild heads to Valhalla in Episode 15 (“All At Sea”) of Season 6 by jumping into the icy waters beyond the plural wedding ceremony. There is not a dry eye at the wedding.

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Harald Finehair

If you thought Harald Finehair (Peter Franzรฉn) would survive “Vikings” after living to tell the tale of his battle with the Rus, think again. Harald ends up dying in one-on-one combat with a soldier from Wessex in Season 6, Episode 19 (“The Lord Giveth”). As he heads to Valhalla, his brother arrives to accompany him there. Harald and Bjorn will have a lot to talk about when they reunite.

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Erik the Red

Ingrid and Erik’s relationship takes a dark turn. Bjorn’s widow ends up using her witch powers to blind Erik (Eric Johnson, “Smallville”), who tries to kill her to end it. The person he employs to kill Ingrid (Lucy Martin) tells a woman whose loyalties lie with Ingrid. The ensuing double-cross ends with Ingrid’s would-be assassin executed, while Erik is killed by Ingrid’s spy. By the end of Episode 19, Erik is dead.

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Ivar the Boneless

During a decisive battle with King Alfred, Ivar’s eyes turn a supernatural shade of blue. Hvitserk had explained they turn that color when his bones are about to break. On the battlefield, all of Ivar’s bones do just that. In his final moments alive on “Vikings,” Ivar expresses his fear of dying, while Hvitserk comforts him. Ivar (Alex Hรธgh Andersen) dies in Episode 20 (“The Last Act”) of Season 6, aka the series finale. As for Wessex, they triumph over the Vikings.

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Who Survives Season 6?

  • Ubbe (Jordan Patrich Smith)
  • Torvi (Georgia Hirst)
  • Ragnar (Ubbe and Torvi’s son)
  • Hvitserk (Marco Ilsรธ)
  • Floki (yes, Gustaf Skarsgรฅrd’s character survived the cave collapse)
  • Ingrid (Lucy Martin)
  • Othere (Ray Stevenson)
  • Katia
  • Igor (Oran Glynn O'Donovan)
  • Dir (Lenn Kudrjawizki) 
  • In all, nine main/named characters with speaking roles, and one baby, lived. On the other side, one maybe-death in “Vikings” Season 6B is Kjetill’s.

After going mad and claiming an entire whale for his family’s dinner, there is an uprising against Kjetill (Adam Copeland). He is last seen still alive on “Vikings” while standing on top of said whale. How long he can stay alive, pretty much alone, is anyone’s guess. Plus, he is insane. So, there is that.

Of note is that Ivar’s bloodline does show signs of continuing when “Vikings” ends. Katya, who stayed behind in Rus and broke up with Ivar, told him she was pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, Bjorn’s bloodline ends due to all of his children having perished by the time Season 6B concludes.

Ubbe and Ivar will definitely live on. Hvitserk is another issue. If you want to watch it all play out again, “Vikings” Season 6B is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. If you have already binged the last ten episodes, you can check out some binge-worthy costume dramas, including “El Cid.”