Netflix's 'Sex/Life' Season 1 Ending, Explained: Who Does Billie Choose?

Sex/Life Sarah Shahi Billie Connelly Adam Demos Brad Simon Netflix

So, you have finished watching “Sex/Life” Season 1, and you are wondering what in the world just happened. Well, Eclectic Pop is here to get that surprising ending explained and delve into how it sets up a potential Season 2. So, yes, you are in the right place. The steamy Netflix romance spent all of Season 1, letting viewers wonder – who will Billie choose?

Season 2 might hold the answers. While it has yet to get officially announced by Netflix, a reliable source at What’s On Netflix has reportedly confirmed that the hit series is returning. That means viewers could get to see the aftermath of Billie’s decision between Cooper and Brad and the surprising twist that powered the ending of Season 1.

For context, “Sex/Life” explores the innermost thoughts of Billie (Sara Shahi), a married mother of two who cannot forget her sordid past with her ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos). The tension becomes so great that she begins detailing her former relationship, which her husband Cooper (Mike Vogel, “Under the Dome”) promptly reads. Cooper wants to work things out, though.

Hence, Season 1 finds Billie and Cooper attempting to sort out their marriage while Brad re-enters the picture in her memory and the flesh. Netflix subscribers take a sultry ride through a marriage that seems ready to crumble yet magically remains intact. Deep down, Billie knows Cooper is the right choice but is he who chooses when Season 1’s shocking ending explodes?

Spoilers for the ending of “Sex/Life” Season 1 get discussed beyond this point, so brace yourselves.

Sex/Life Sarah Shahi Billie Connelly Adam Demos Brad Simon Netflix

Sex/Life’s Season 1 Ending, Explained

After putting the pieces of their shattered marriage back together, it looks like Cooper and Billie are destined to stay together in “Sex/Life.” Billie finally uses her psychological insights for good as she helps Cooper see that “stains come out.” Finally, the events of the party Cooper’s supposed friend took them to seems to sort themselves out, and Billie settles in for the long haul.

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Billie goes back to school to get her Ph.D. while balancing motherhood and life as a wife. Then it all comes crashing down. Brad does not interfere. He accepts Billie’s earlier decision on “Sex/Life” not to accept his proposal and nobly broods in his luxurious penthouse apartment. Instead, in a shocking twist, the picture-perfect ending that Billie has put together with Cooper is not enough for her.

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Who Does Billie Choose?

Billie decides to have both Cooper and Brad. Following a rousing speech from her best friend Sasha, Billie realizes all of the greatness that comprises her life has to go. Or at least the part where she is not with Brad in some way. Billie literally runs for Brad’s apartment as an (understandably) disgusted Cooper follows her trail via Google Maps. Once she arrives, Brad lets her up into the penthouse.

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The elevator doors part ways, and Billie announces she is not leaving Cooper. Brad smiles unconcernedly. Billie adds that “this” somehow “changes nothing.” Brad and Billie begin to smile at one another as Billie declares that she wants Brad to be with her. “Sex/Life” Season 1 ends with Billie’s saucy declaration of betrayal. The cliffhanger for Season 2 is obvious.

Sex/Life Cooper Connelly Mike Vogel Billie Connelly Sarah Shahi Netflix

How “Sex/Life” Sets Up Season 2

In some ways, you could write the ending of Season 1 off as one that offers closure. Billie is going to stay married to Cooper yet have an affair with Brad. Disrupting this is that viewers know Cooper is already knowledgeable of his wife’s visit to her ex and can only conclude that they will hook up.

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“Sex/Life” saw Billie convince Cooper that she had not actually acted on her passions with Brad. So, she might do that again in Season 2, all the while knowing that she is guilty this time. Season 1’s ending hints that Billie could embark on a secret affair with Brad. Thus, fulfilling her desires for both of the men in her life.

Sex/Life Billie Connelly Sarah Shahi Brad Simon Adam Demos Netflix
Amanda Matlovich / Netflix

Thoughts On Season 1’s Ending

I have to admit. I am super disappointed that Billie risked her life with Cooper to get back together with Brad. The life she had in the lead-up to her about-face was exemplary. Contrary to Billie’s belief, nobody can have it “all” (see: “The Swarm”). There is such a thing as finding contentment through others alone. It is up to a person to decide whether they can be happy.

To me, Billie’s decision at the end of Season 1 is confounding and selfish, though less so than Anna Karenina’s. Billie is co-dependent on Brad, and while I came to understand her attraction to him ran deeper, her kids are her top priority. So, I am interested in seeing what the fallout will be. Hopefully, the moral of the story is not to give in to temptation rather conquer it.

Sex/Life Mike Vogel Cooper Connelly Sarah Shahi Billy Connelly Netflix
Sophie Giraud / Netflix

What I Think Could Happen In Season 2

I have a Season 2 theory that “Sex/Life” might pick up with Billie let down by her experience with Brad in the present day. After building up their time together so much in her mind, reality may provide a sharp turn. Another possibility is that while Billie talks a big game, she decides to return to Cooper before things get out of hand.

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Being on the cusp of getting together with Brad may be the wake-up call Billie needs. With nothing holding her back except her own decision to proceed or not, it could knock something loose. Otherwise, “Sex/Life” will have to convince viewers that Billie is the world’s foremost wife, mother, and cheater. Season 2 has a lot to cover.

“Sex/Life” Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix alongside lots of sultry options. If you want to see more of Adam Demos, you can check him out in the excellent romantic comedy “Falling Inn Love” opposite the delightful Christina Milian.