'Dead Mountain' Arrives On Topic: Cast, Release Date, Plot And More

Dead Mountain Pereval Dyatlova Oleg Kostin Pyotr Fyodorov Topic

“Dead Mountain” (originally titled “Pereval Dyatlova”) is coming to the United States via the streaming service, Topic, and I have everything you need to know below. Based on the events surrounding the much speculated-upon Dyatlov Pass incident, this Russian series works to answer the myriad of questions that have haunted the tragic mystery. 

Without further ado, these are the details you probably wanted to be aware of heading into this must-see series. From the actors starring in the cast to how to watch “Dead Mountain” when it premieres, Eclectic Pop has you covered. A review of the series is imminent, so stay tuned for that as well. Until then, here are the fast facts!

The Release Date

While “Dead Mountain” already aired in Russia in late 2020, the show will be available to watch in the United States and Canada via the streaming platform Topic tomorrow, Thursday, September 2. The streaming service has picked the drama up as an “original,” and it will be taking Sundance Now’s strategy of releasing a new episode every week.

The move is a welcome return to having to let an episode sit on you for a bit before seeing the next one. While the release date for “Dead Mountain” is Thursday, September 2, new episodes will get released weekly on Thursdays. The series will conclude on Thursday, October 7.

Plot: What It Is About

“Dead Mountain” is a limited series with eight episodes, four of which center on the investigation into the Dyatlov Pass incident. The four other episodes re-enact the drama that unfolds as the Dyatlov hikers make their fateful trek. Episode 1 follows the mysterious KGB major Oleg Kostin (Pyotr Fyodorov) as he tries to uncover the truth amid theories that range from UFOs to outright murder.

For over half a century, people worldwide have been fascinated by the mystery surrounding the Dyatlov Pass incident. The tragic deaths of the nine hikers’ fateful trip have been fodder for numerous theories, and this drama sifts through and makes sense of them all.

There have been movies made surrounding the Dyatlov Pass incident, one of those memorably being 2013’s “Devil’s Pass.” Nearly a decade later, Russia’s eight-part series aims to unpack all of the theories with a daring KGB major (Pyotr Fyodorov) heading the investigation. Throughout it all, the investigation gradually moves towards an intriguingly conclusive view. Still, need more info?

Why You Should Watch

If you need quality television, you know that journey will probably take you around the world. I have been fortunate to spread my viewing horizons through the past decade, which ultimately brought me to Russia, among other destinations. Russia’s content has consistently stood out on the world’s stage, and “Dead Mountain” is an excellent example of why that is.

The storytelling is dense with numerous plots that track back and forth between timelines without being destabilizing. This series has lots of emotional wrestling as “Dead Mountain” works to solve the Dyatlov Pass incident’s origin while grappling with Oleg’s own tragic past. This series has a lot of ambition, stamina, and no shortage of emotion.

The Investigation Cast

There are essentially two units of cast members that take center stage in “Dead Mountain.” The series opens with the investigation, which puts dogged KGB major Oleg Kostin (Pyotr Fyodorov, “The Duelist”) at the center of the premiere episode. Oleg has arrived to covertly investigate what really caused the Dyatlov hikers’ tragic death. In doing so, Oleg begins to unravel his troubled past as a WWII veteran.

Pyotr Fyodorov’s co-star throughout most of his “Dead Mountain” scenes is Mariya Lugovaya (“Better Than Us”) as Katya, the medical examiner helping Oleg find the truth. However, their relationship soon turns from professional to romantic, which takes viewers on a highly emotional ride because the two share more of a connection than Katya knows.

The Dyatlov Cast

The cast that “Dead Mountain” viewers get a full glimpse of in the second episode is the Dyatlov hikers. The ensemble does an excellent job of reminding viewers of how much life there was in each member before they met their tragic fate. Playing the Dyatlov hikers are:

Igor Dyatlov (Ivan Mulin)

Alekseevich Zolotaryov (Egor Beroev)

Lyudmila Dubinina (Irina Lukina)

Zinaida Kolmogorova (Masha Matsel)

Rustem Slobodin (Roman Evdokimov)

Georgiy “Yuri” Krivonshchenko (Maksim Emelyanov)

Nikolai “Tibo” Thibeaux-Brignolles (Yuriy Deynekin)

Alexander Kolevatov (Evgeniy Antropov)

Yuri Doroshenko (Aleksandr Metyolkin)

Both ensembles do an incredible job of telling their respective tales, weaving an enormous tale that transports viewers throughout time. “Dead Mountain” is directed by Evgeniy Nikishov, and written by Ilya Kulikov, Alexsandr Sysoev, and Vasiliy Vnukov’s talent

If you are truly ready to take a deep dive into the Dyatlov Pass incident, this is the TV series for you. You can stream “Dead Mountain” starting Thursday, September 2 on Topic, with new episodes premiering weekly.