Why The Ending of 'Mystery 101: Deadly History' Has Fans Upset

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Another installment of “Mystery 101” has come, gone, and left fans upset – very upset. This summer, fans were blessed with the seventh movie in the popular Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series. “Mystery 101: Deadly History” picked up with the cliffhanger ending that concluded the last movie. Ultimately solving the mystery of Amy’s missing uncle, Alistair, was not what made fans of the TV movie series upset, though. So, what has?

Spoiler alert: The ending of “Mystery 101: Deadly History” will be explained and given away below. So, do not keep reading if you do not want to know.

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After solving yet another murder mystery and reuniting with her Uncle Alistair (full story below), Amy and Travis were in excellent spirits. So much so that after seven movies, Amy and Travis finally said those three little words “Mystery 101” fans have been dying to hear them say: “I love you.” It could not have been a sweeter moment… when the ending happened.

The Very Upsetting Cliffhanger Ending, Explained

In its last minute, “Mystery 101: Deadly History” transported viewers 11 months into the future. In the final scene, Travis arrives at the crime scene of a murder. Through the pouring rain, he notices Amy and asks his partner, Maria, what Amy is doing there. Maria informs Travis that Amy called it in. The victim is Sam Jameson, and Maria rhetorically asks if Travis knows who that is. To which, Travis says:

Yeah, I know. He’s Amy’s fiancรฉ.

Yes, Amy has a fiancรฉ eleven months after professing her love for Travis, and it is not him! “Mystery 101” fans are understandably upset after learning the devastating info, compounded by the long wait in between movies. Fans were quick to leave comments on Jill Wagner’s Instagram page expressing their (respectful) frustration with the plot twist.

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As a huge “Mystery 101” fan, I can attest to feeling upset and highly intrigued by the news. (It is a clever plot twist.) That said, there is clearly more to the story, and viewers will have to wait to find out what that info is. For her part, Amy did not seem too broken up about Sam’s death, suggesting she was far from in love with him. So, why on earth was she engaged to someone else?

Theory Time

The only thing I can come up with is that Amy was somehow coerced into marrying this Sam guy. Travis seems legitimately upset with Amy, so he may not know it is a potential act. Or he is in on it. One thing is for certain, Amy was not nearly as upset about Sam as she was when Travis got hurt in “Mystery 101: Killer Timing,” so that is something.

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I cannot believe that after all of the build-up and finally getting the payoff of Travis and Amy getting together, “Mystery 101” rocked fans with this dissatisfying twist. Here is hoping the next movie clears up what happened, and Amy and Travis are together before the ending. Otherwise, I will be more than a little sad. It is time for Amy and Travis to finally work together as a madly-in-love-and-in-a-relationship team.

PS: Who was the killer?

It turns out that Amy’s Uncle Alistair had not gotten kidnapped. Instead, he was lying low after accidentally shooting himself and hiding out from the husband of the woman he is in love with. That said, Alistair had been legitimately harassed by the murderer in “Mystery 101: Deadly History,” who turned out to be Olly Kent.

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Decades ago, Olly murdered his sister, Meg, after learning that his dad was leaving the family fortune to his sister. Olly thought his dad was referring to Meg, who he subsequently beat to death. He was wrong. In a “Gran Hotel” style turn, his father was actually speaking about Olly’s secret half-sister from an affair, Jennifer.

What Happened Next

Olly was summarily cuffed and taken away after confessing in front of his grief-stricken mother and newly rich sister. Goodbye Olly! At least Amy and Travis could crack another case before “Mystery 101” threw fans for that surprising loop. Here is to a sequel that solves the mystery of why Amy would get engaged to someone other than Travis!

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For better times between Amy and Travis, relive past installments of “Mystery 101” when they air on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. I believe happier times are ahead in this enchanting series. As much as I love “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries,” “Mystery 101” has taken ahold of my Hallmark-loving heart in a major way.

What Will Happen To Amy and Travis?

My guess is that if anything truly broke Amy and Travis up, it was the danger of Travis’ work. Whatever the cause, Amy’s dad, Graham, must be devastated. I am super curious to see what is going to happen. It is an ingenious cliffhanger in so many ways. The ending has fans (myself included) dying to see the next episode. 

On a related note, Jill Wagner and Kristofer Polaha’s on-screen chemistry is off the charts. I have thought so since Hallmark’s “Pearl in Paradise.” Hence, the movie series has something too special in their camaraderie not to have Amy and Travis reunite, and I am confident that Hallmark’s sister network knows that too. “Mystery 101” fans will just have to hold tight to see if I am right.