When Will The Next 'Mystery 101' Movie Premiere On Hallmark?

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If you are anything like me, you are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the next “Mystery 101” movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries in 2022. Fans are currently awaiting the eighth installment in the TV movie series after an explosive cliffhanger ended the latest entry. Are you ready for Amy and Travis to return, and when can fans anticipate that happening? It is time to investigate.

[UPDATE: In April 2022, Jill Wagner provided a worrisome update on the progress of the next “Mystery 101” movie. Eclectic Pop reached out to Hallmark for comment in June 2022 and you can read all of the latest here.]

“Mystery 101” tends to put out two movies a year. The only exception has been 2020. (Can we blame COVID?) The latest movie premiered back in September 2021, which already feels like a lifetime ago. (Read here for a deep spoilery dive into where things left off with Travis and Amy.) While fans wait to unravel what that ending means, a new movie remains on the horizon -- but for how much longer?

Thankfully, “Mystery 101” star Kristoffer Polaha provided fans with an update. In an Instagram post heralding 2022, Polaha responded to a person in the comments section, inquiring about the next “Mystery 101” movie with hopes for some info. In response, Polaha wrote: 

“[All] I can say is that we are planning to make another one in 2022. 🙌” 

You can check out a screenshot of the interaction below:

Kristoffer Polaha / Instagram

Based on what Kristoffer Polaha says, fans could expect a new “Mystery 101” in 2022. Of course, it all depends on when this movie starts filming. In contrast, “Aurora Teagarden Mysteries” has a new movie dropping this February. Fans will undoubtedly be waiting longer for the next “Mystery 101,” and it should be worth the wait.

Kristoffer Polaha and Jill Wagner have been very busy with their respective projects. Thankfully, it sounds as though it will only be a matter of time before the duo reteams to reprise their “Mystery 101” roles as master sleuths. Okay, a detective and crime fiction professor. They still know how to sleuth.

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Will “Mystery 101” put out two movies in 2022? Right now, it is unclear. It all depends on when they start filming. The good news is that there are plans to have an eighth movie to clear up the jaw-dropping ending of the latest entry. Fans may be waiting for a while yet. Rest assured that Eclectic Pop will update this page once an actual premiere date is available.

So, feel free to bookmark away! People still do that, right? Anyway, back to “Mystery 101.” The next movie (installment #8) is set to begin filming in 2022. While you wait for “Mystery 101” to premiere, check out the all-new “Aurora Teagarden” mystery when it premieres February 22 at 9 pm ET on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.