Is The Freida Pinto Starrer 'Intrusion' Worth Watching On Netflix?

Intrusion Freida Pinto Meera Parsons Netflix
Ursula Coyote / Netflix

If there is one movie destined to dominate Netflix’s charts, it is “Intrusion.” The newly released thriller to the streaming giant has two ingredients: star power and an excellent mystery. Let’s start with star power. “Slumdog Millionaire” actress Freida Pinto takes on the lead role of Meera Parsons, a counselor to troubled teenagers. Meera and her husband, Henry, have recently moved to a small west-coast town and into a palatial house.

The Parsons have been married for 12 years and weathered their share of adversity during their time together. Henry (Logan Marshall-Green) is a successful architect, and he has put his skill to personal use by designing the opulent house that he and Meera now call home. Right off the bat, “Intrusion” nails cementing the adorable bond that Meera and Henry share, making this viewer immediately root for them.

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Following a sweet night out, the Parsons return home, only to find their house has gotten invaded. Their furniture has gotten turned over, and their sense of safety right along with it. Considering that their mansion is tucked far away from prying eyes, it is relatively apparent that Meera and Henry have not gotten targeted by accident. Someone did not stumble upon their home by accident, and it is there that “Intrusion” sets crucial groundwork.

A feeling of dread overcomes Meera, whose sanity is thankfully never questioned. Meera wants to know what drove the “Intrusion” and sets out to learn the answers. So, why the prediction of this movie’s Netflix hit status? For one thing, the film is excellently calibrated. The time spent on the Parsons’ marriage, developing Meera, and the mystery of why such a sweet couple has gotten targeted, is all well-timed.

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These are the kind of Saturday night thrillers that yours truly adores. Unfortunately, the genre has suffered in recent years, only to see Netflix revive them alongside romantic comedies. Anchored by Frieda Pinto’s raw star-power, “Intrusion” makes easy prey of intruding viewers’ thoughts, while Logan Marshall-Green impresses with a surprising turn. Pinto’s natural on-screen presence and remarkably genuine performance charge “Intrusion” to heightened levels.

Thrillers are always welcome, albeit some are better than others. “Intrusion” is differently angled, handled, and executed. There is little in the way of a slow burn and lots of several mini payoffs that keep viewers glued. The subgenre of home invasion movies is not going away, and with clever takes such as this, “Intrusion” proves its merit.

The only issue with the movie is the ending. As balanced as “Intrusion” is spending time with its plot developments, the conclusion of its story merits more time. However, to director Adam Salky and writer Chris Sparling’s credit such a feeling exists. It means the audience is engrossed in what will happen to the characters. That is a win and an impressive one.

“Intrusion,” starring Freida Pinto, is now streaming on Netflix alongside many other enticing thrillers.