'To All The Boys' Ending: Will Lara Jean And Peter's Relationship Last?

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After watching three movies and scouring through Wikipedia to see what happens in the books, I am all up-to-date on the “To All the Boys” trilogy. At the core of the story is the ultimate fate of Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship. After three Netflix movies, fans have their answer. For those still thinking about it, a question lingers. What would their future hold after the credits roll?

It is time to get into my prediction for what (theoretically) lies ahead for them. On that note, only continue reading if you have watched the final movie in the “To All the Boys” trilogy. This story contains spoilers (and speculation) about the future for Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship following the events of “To All the Boys: Always and Forever.” Proceed with caution!

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Their Relationship Ending In The Movie

In the movie, Lara Jean breaks up with Peter on prom night. Despite the ugly break-up, they reconcile and get back together after Mr. Covey’s (aka Lara Jean’s dad) wedding. During the final moments of “To All the Boys: Always and Forever,” Lara Jean is in her dorm room at NYU. It is there she expresses hope that she and Peter’s relationship will make it. Is she right?

My Honest Prediction

I do not think Peter and Lara Jean will make it for the long haul. In the end, Lara Jean put her self-interest in front of Peter despite knowing about his abandonment issues. I could see them lasting a few months before someone else catches both of their fancies, ultimately putting pressure on the situation. A new setting equals new romance opportunities.

On that note, the most I could see Lara Jean and Peter’s relationship lasting is another six months following the ending of “To All the Boys: Always and Forever” (aka “To All the Boys 3”). The most likely timing for their break-up would be when Lara Jean returns home for the holidays.

Why Would Their Relationship Fail?

Peter’s internalized resentment of Lara Jean triggering his abandonment issues would probably fester until those feelings explode. Lara Jean could have gone to college in California. She did not. She chose a path that she knew would put distance between them. The collateral damage being Peter’s heart.

When Lara Jean returns home, they will probably do their best to reconnect even though they have had Skype, etc., to keep things active. Let’s face it, Lara Jean’s first year in college would not give her time to FaceTime with Peter.

In Related News

Remember, it was the party/social atmosphere that first drew Lara Jean to NYU, not the academic opportunities. As shown during her trip to New York (à la “Gossip Girl”), Lara Jean got brought in by the university’s social life, and she will be living it up too. A development that does not leave much room for Peter.

Hence, I imagine a holiday reunion where bitter words will get exchanged, followed by a break-up and a considerable estrangement. Lara Jean can never take away the hurt she inflicted upon Peter. They could reconcile later in life and explore something, but that old wound would always be there.

In Closing

At the core, Lara Jean chose to leave Peter when she did not have to, and that has to hurt. When you add in her not regretting her decision, I would not expect there to be any healing the likely rift. Thus, leading to “To All the Men” – a sequel series that would explore Lara Jean’s pursuit of adult love. Okay, so a “To All the Men” sequel series does not exist yet, but I hope it will happen.

Lara Jean has a lot of growing up to do before she can settle down and truly embark on a relationship like an adult, and Peter does too. This is why teens really should not date in the first place. They are browsing a store they cannot afford to make any purchases from, so what is the point?

All of this and I have to say that Lara Jean and Peter could make it in a pen and paper world. If they were a real-life couple, I doubt they could make it even though I rooted for them to throughout the movies. The entire “To All the Boys” trilogy, including “To All the Boys: Always and Forever,” is streaming on Netflix alongside other romantic movies.