'Absentia' Season 3 Ending: How The Series Ends, Explained

Absentia Stana Katic Emily Byrne Amazon Prime Video
Elena Nenkova / Amazon Studios

If there is one series worth binge-watching on Amazon Prime Video - it is “Absentia.” There are multiple reasons to dive into the series, including that you can watch it in its entirety. Season 3 marks the ending chapter of the hit TV show. So, how does the series end? It is time for it to all get explained.

If you missed it, back in 2021, Stana Katic announced on Twitter that “Absentia” would not be returning for Season 4 (via TVLine). As of 2022, Katic’s Twitter account, and therefore her tweet, is no longer available. Nevertheless, the result is undoubtedly the same. “Absentia” concludes its run with its best season yet in Season 3. Before getting into the ending, here is some background on the Prime Video series.


The action-packed thriller stars Stana Katic as Emily Byrne, an FBI agent who must reclaim her life after being presumed dead while hunting a serial killer. Six years later, Emily gets rescued and faces a family that has moved on without her. While Emily tries to reconnect with them, she works to solve who was behind her years-long kidnapping and torment. 

Ending Spoilers

Prepare to get all of the answers to the burning questions “Absentia” has raised from here out, explained. You will find out the series’ ending and the fates of numerous characters, including Emily Byrne’s. Brace yourself for a lot of drama, twists, and turns! This is the time to jump out if you are avoiding spoilers. They are coming from this point forward.

Does Nick Die?

No, Nick remains among the living when “Absentia” has its finale. However, Nick fakes his death alongside his and Emily’s son in the Season 3/series finale.

Does Jack Die?

No. Emily’s brother, Jack Byrne, survives his crazy time on “Absentia” and sets his sights on getting his medical career back.

Is Alice Alive?

No, Alice does not survive the series. Alice dies due to Gunnarson shooting her in the Season 2 finale as the walls begin to crumble around her. Unfortunately, Alice never faces the music, the fallout for her actions.

Who Is The Mole?

Gunnarson – Despite many plot twists back-and-forth, it is revealed that Gunnarson is the mole, after all.

Is Gunnarson bad? 

That is one of the driving questions of Season 3, and it is not until the ending that it is revealed that she is a mole. Gunnarson’s motives for being one remain somewhat ambiguous. For the most part, her goal appeared to be a proximity to influence.

Is Cal Bad?

No, Cal is a (very) good guy. But, if you were wondering – yes - he is a much better guy than Nick. He and Emily go into battle together and end up meeting up again at the end of “Absentia.” 

Who Dies?

When “Absentia” ends, Alice is its biggest casualty, along with a slew of criminal persons.

Do Nick And Emily Reunite Or Get Back Together?

No, they do not. Despite living together after Alice’s Season 2 death, the former couple never gets back together. “Absentia” teases the possibility of reconciliation in Season 3. However, Nick shows Alice far greater loyalty in death than he ever did Emily.

How Does Season 3 End?

“Absentia” ends with an elaborate twist. Emily helps Nick and Flynn fake their deaths via a house explosion. Sadly, that means parting with her family for what feels like the last time. Nick readies for life as a more active father, while Emily prepares to shake things up. 

Shortly after, “Absentia” catches up with Emily. She has reinvented herself in Europe and is clearly involved in some butt-kicking espionage. Another vestige of her past surfaces when Cal strolls back into her life, and it is evident that the sparks are still flying between the pair. Is an Emily/Cal-only spinoff too much to ask for?

Thoughts On The Ending

The ending marks a full circle for Emily. It is nice to see the beleaguered heroine in a scenario where she is set free of trying to win Nick and Flynn’s love and acceptance. With Nick and Flynn officially out of her life, she can (finally) start living it again. It sounds harsh, but please consider this before judging.

By the time “Absentia” has its ending, it is abundantly evident that the spot Alice stole from Emily in her own family no longer exists for Emily. Nick and Flynn have no desire to have Emily fill the void largely created by Alice. They do not deserve Emily, and it is lovely to see her free of them, at last.


What did you think of the “Absentia” ending? Do you want to see more of Emily Byrne’s adventures? I certainly do! Stana Katic has not had a better role, and it would be great to see her sink her teeth into another action-packed story. Perhaps, a five-episode mini would do the trick. What do you think? Sound off in the comments section below!