'Who Killed Sara' Season 3: Netflix Release Date And Trailer

Who Killed Sara? Quien mato a Sara? Sara Guzman Ximena Lamadrid Netflix

For almost a year, the biggest question facing “Who Killed Sara?” (“Quiรฉn matรณ a Sara?”) fans has not been that eponymous query. Rather, when is Season 3 premiering on Netflix? At long last, we have the answer! Netflix has revealed Season 3’s premiere date and a trailer that teases the arrival of a huge star. Oh, and it will be the final season of the series.

The first order of business is the release date. “Who Killed Sara?” Season 3 is premiering on May 18 on Netflix. So, brace yourself for more Lazcano drama. The final season will dig into Jose Maria’s stint in prison based on the trailer. He is already (justifiably) sick of it. The trailer also reveals the (mad?) doctor behind the Medusa project. Check out Season 3’s trailer below and see if you spot the huge star mentioned above:

If you believe you spotted “Leon: The Professional” star Jean Reno, give yourself a massive high-five. That is Reno playing the doctor behind Sara’s “treatment.” Thus, answering the question Season 2 raised. Who treated Sara? For now, the not-so-good doctor is still an enigma. Unlike learning “Who Killed Sara?” - this has a much better shot at being solved before the series finale.

Of course, I am in no hurry for that day to arrive. After all, Season 3 is set to premiere in the wake of a jaw-dropping second season. Sadly, the end is nevertheless near. As of Season 2, Jose Maria is in prison after suffering the catastrophic loss of his husband Lorenzo, his best friend Clara, and his and Lorenzo’s baby. Alex finally opened Sara’s casket and learned that it was empty. Meanwhile, Cesar is off in paradise. 

Rodolfo is the only person in an arguably good spot heading into Season 3. During the ending of Season 2, Rodolfo helped his ex-wife, her baby, and his stepson escape back to America with his ex-wife’s ex-husband, Feel confused? Take your time to absorb it. The ending was quite elaborate. I can only imagine what the final season has in store.

“Who Killed Sara?” upped the ante with no signs of a sophomore slump - every TV show’s (rarely realized) goal. Season 3 is set to be one of utter mayhem after Season 2’s ending. The only thing that really throws me about the trailer is that it appears the same actress who plays “young Sara” is playing present-day Sara. Shouldn’t an older actor like all of the younger characters play the current Sara?

She should have aged like everyone else. Hopefully, Season 3’s trailer has only been edited to make it appear that the same actress is playing Sara. It is unlikely “Who Killed Sara?” has entirely tipped its hand. A good trailer’s job is to tease the show, not to give it away. It seems they have succeeded. 

Sadly, it has been a while since viewers last investigated the Netflix mystery. The most important takeaway is that the fan-favorite Mexican mystery is on its way back! While you wait for “Who Killed Sara?” to return for its final season, you might want to check out the twisty TV thriller, “Dark Desire.” If you like one, you are likely to enjoy the other. Both are streaming on Netflix.