When Season 2 Of 'Sex/Life' Could Premiere On Netflix, Explained

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Amanda Matlovich / Netflix

It is the information every “Sex/Life” fan is dying to know: the premiere date for Season 2. The series’ first season premiered back in June of 2021, setting Netflix subscribers up for an even steamier summer than they might have anticipated. One year later, the burning question is when could Season 2 of “Sex/Life” premiere on Netflix? The answer might rest in the show’s production history. Stay with me for a minute.

Please note that this is a theory/speculation so take it for what it is. “Sex/Life” ended production for Season 1 in December 2020, per Deadline. It went on to premiere on Netflix in late June 2021. So, there was a six-month window between the end of filming and the premiere date. On that note, “Sex/Life” Season 2 finished filming on May 6, 2022 (per City of Toronto). 

If we consider the schedule for Season 2 is running at a similar pace that would put Season 2 theoretically premiering on Netflix in November 2022. It is a potential release window that makes perfect sense. Why? It is not a stretch to say the notion of a November release is ideal in many ways. 

The main reason being a late November release would line up with the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. Many people tend to take this time off of work, which means ample opportunity to catch up on TV. Could there be a better way to spend your time than plugged into Netflix binge-watching “Sex/Life” Season 2? 

Okay. Maybe, you shouldn’t answer that. 🤣

For those dying to see what Billie ends up doing with Cooper and Brad, a potential November release would be grounds to give tremendous thanks. To play on a line from Jack Campbell, what could be more Thanksgiving-themed than that? Nothing. Whether it premieres in November of 2022 or sometime in 2023, Season 2 of “Sex/Life” will hopefully be worth the wait.

It has been well over a year since the sizzling Netflix series sent viewers reeling with its Season 1 ending. Billie’s shocking choice at the end of the season should create waves of seismic drama that more than stir the pot for Season 2. One interesting plot point to remember is that Cooper already knows Billie went to Brad’s place in the finale. Hence, Billie’s actions should not come as a huge shock to him.

I still have my fingers and toes crossed, hoping Billie will not go through with what she started when “Sex/Life” ended. It was not the conclusiont this viewer watched the show to see her make. Nor is it the one that the book’s protagonist that the Netflix series is based on made for herself. It would not be the first time a TV show threw caution (and the source material) to the wind, though.

Here is to viewers finding out what this crazy ride has in store when “Sex/Life” Season 2 premieres on Netflix, and stay tuned to Eclectic Pop for a definitive release date. In the meantime, check out some other steamy options that Netflix has for you to stream. You will not be disappointed!