Is 'Woman of the Dead' Worth Watching? My Surprising Answer

Woman of the Dead Totenfrau Anna Maria Mรผhe Brunhilde Blum Netflix

Revenge is a dish best served – smoking hot? That is exactly what “Woman of the Dead” (“Totenfrau”) suggests when you check out the Austrian series on Netflix. You probably were not expecting that temperature for vengeance, considering the climate the title suggests. Set amid the snowy alps of Austria, the only thing running cold about this electric suspense drama is the actual weather. So, is “Woman of the Dead” worth watching?

Is snow, wet? Yes, and yes! “Woman of the Dead” is worth watching and considering watching again because it is that good, and there is little else as good (TV-wise) on Netflix. Anna Maria Mรผhe stars as Blum, a wife, mother, and undertaker. No stranger to death and its aftermath, Blum is still stunned when her beloved husband is struck and killed by an SUV right before her eyes.

Feeling there is way more to the story surrounding her husband’s demise, Blum engages in a quest to learn the truth. Before long, Blum’s pursuit leads her down a rabbit hole that has her looking over her shoulder and wondering who her friend and foe is. Despite its title, “Woman of the Dead” is one of the liveliest thrillers on Netflix, and that is saying something

The streaming giant is home to more than a couple heart-racing thrillers. Unlike some that make you feel downbeat, “Woman of the Dead” runs on a shot of dark humor that keeps its veins from running cold. Blum is an intriguing and genuinely unique protagonist. She is quirky, incredibly enigmatic, and strangely endearing.

As mysterious as she is, the quiet bond Blum shares with her stalwart colleague, Reza (Yousef “Joe” Sweid), brings her into sharper focus as a person. This is one of the aspects that sets “Woman of the Dead” apart. As a series, it is not working to create but rather to reveal information to viewers. 

Instead of Blum becoming who she is throughout the six-episode season, viewers learn this is who she has been all along. Much like “Black Spot,” it feels like those watching are stepping into a pre-existing world, not a new one. That is a rarely felt ambiance, and it is impressively earned here. 

To its credit, Season 1 works as a miniseries. You can consider it your snowy staycation. Of course, “Woman of the Dead” does not rule out a Season 2 return either with its ending and for that, I and many others should be grateful. If you finished “Bates Motel” or want to stream a revenge thriller without the main character wallowing in guilt, “Woman of the Dead” (“Totenfrau”) is worth watching on Netflix.