Wait, When Is 'Sex/Life' Season 2 Going To Premiere On Netflix?

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It is official! Netflix has revealed the premiere date for Season 2 of its steamy series, “Sex/Life,” and it is arriving in less than a month! Last year, the Sara Shahi-led TV show became one of the buzziest on the streaming giant. Almost two years later, it is set to start the sizzle, all over again. So, when is Season 2 premiering on Netflix?

“Sex/Life” Season 2 will premiere Thursday, March 2 on Netflix, and there is a trailer below. Let the new exploits of Billie Connelly and her two leading men begin! More than a year after “Sex/Life” Season 2 finally got confirmed in late September 2021, the wait is almost over. Check out the trailer for Season 2, and then keep reading for more info:

What The Season 2 Trailer Reveals

The biggest shocker from the Season 2 trailer for “Sex/Life” is that Brad and Billie are not going to pick up where they left off. Before you get too excited, they are not getting back together – yet. Season 1 ended with Billie wanting a hookup with Brad and essentially demanding he give it to her. Not so fast, Billie!

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It turns out that Brad is (happily?) engaged, and he tells Billie she lost her shot with him in the “Sex/Life” Season 2 trailer. That’s right. Billie has given up her marriage to Cooper for nothing. That is until she finds another love interest with whom to rock her world. Yep. In related news, Cooper looks ready to move on with Francesca, and Sasha Snow has a new beau!

Time For A Refresher

The series follows psychology Ph.D. candidate turned stay-at-home mom and wife Billie (Sarah Shahi), as she deals with life in the suburbs. It is while lamenting her more “domesticated” life that Billie slips into remembering her sordid, torrid love affair with her “Fifty Shades” level ex-boyfriend, Brad (Adam Demos). After Billie’s husband Cooper (Mike Vogel) reads his wife’s journal, he makes a somewhat surprising move.

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While Cooper is upset to find his wife fantasizing about her ex (it could be worse?), he decides to make their marriage work. Cooper proceeds to up the stakes wherever he can, leaving one to wonder if Billie will ever be satisfied with someone whose name does not rhyme with “bad.” By the end of “Sex/Life” Season 1, viewers sort of got their answer, thus setting up Season 2.

How Season 1 Set Up Season 2

Spoiler alert: Be aware that spoilers for the Season 1 finale of “Sex/Life” will get discussed beyond this point. Proceed with reasonable caution.

Billie attempts to reconcile her life but finds Brad’s magnetic pull too powerful to ignore. In “Sex/Life,” Season 1’s ending scene, Billie shows up at Brad’s loft, declaring her desire to “be” with him while also saying she is not leaving Cooper. What happens next is anyone’s guess. Season 2 should help solve the mystery when it premieres, though.

Will Billie decide that it is time to accept her life with Cooper? Will “Sex/Life” throw fans the curveball of Brad truly being happy without Billie? Could Cooper ever forgive his wife at this point? Things look finished between the on-off couple in the second season. Whatever “Sex/Life” decides, I hope Billie feels the repercussions of her awful decisions when Season 2 premieres.

Are There Season 2 Spoilers?

It is tough to know if this is a spoiler for Season 2. However, it merits mentioning. “Sex/Life” is based on the novel “44 Chapters About 4 Men: A Memoir” by BB Easton. According to Easton’s author description on Amazon, she is still married to her “long-suffering” husband. Does this mean that Billie’s situation will end the same way?

“Sex/Life” fans will have to tune into Season 2 to find out. The good news is the answers are coming soon. “Sex/Life” Season 2 will premiere Thursday, March 2 on Netflix. While you excitedly wait for the return of the sultry dramedy series, check out the adventures of a devoted wife in “Woman of the Dead.”