'Noise' Ending, Explained: Why It Makes The Netflix Movie Matter

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The Belgian/Dutch movie “Noise” is currently the third most-watched movie/series overall on Netflix. Is it because of the ending? The Netflix movie sells itself as a psychological thriller that finds a new father discovering long-buried family secrets when he moves into his childhood house. To say “house” is way too conservative of a description. Matthias’ new/old home is a mansion. 

Of course, no one acknowledges that nor is it the film’s point, so what is? The ending. Before we get into that, let’s get into how the movie starts. “Noise” begins intriguing enough. Matthias (Ward Kerremans), the new dad at the story’s center, is a rising influencer.

Spoiler Alert: Spoilers for the movie “Noise” and its ending are described below.

Even though it is an aspect of interest, the movie is not about criticizing influencers or content creators. It is about fatherhood, generational trauma, and the heredity of mental illness. The story “Noise” tells is important for people to see and understand. It just risks taking too long to share its true purpose by waiting until its ending to reveal it. 

Sadly, those who need to learn the ending’s lesson might have turned it off too soon. Is the hook enough? Matthias looks like he has everything, a baby son, his lovely girlfriend Liv (Sally Harmsen) as a mother to his son, a beautiful home, and a successful career. So, why is he spiraling? Is it literal ghosts from the past refusing to let him go? Is what is happening to Matthias -- supernatural or psychological? 

It is only during the ending of “Noise” that viewers learn the answer, and it all returns to its opening scene. 

As “Noise” hurdles towards its ending, it revisits the haunting scene it began with and the family secret truly at play. When Matthias was a baby, his mother, Michelle, suffered from postpartum depression and, eventually, postpartum psychosis. The latter led her to take baby Matthias and attempt to drown them in the backyard pond.

When Matthias’ frantic father, Pol, finally reached them, he rescued baby Matthias fairly quickly, saving his life. What haunts Pol is that he was not able to save his wife, who disappeared underneath the murky waters. This caused him to distance himself from Matthias, leading to the strained relationship “Noise” notes earlier.

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In a critical detail, Liv learns that Matthias’ mother Michelle’s postpartum depression and psychosis were hereditary. With that, “Noise” reveals that Matthias also has postpartum depression and psychosis, thus explaining his behavior. Liv is able to save him from himself before it is too late, and it is revealed that Liv’s kindhearted brother Timme (Jesse Mensah) has survived Matthias’ attack on him.

In the ending scene of “Noise,” Liv wakes up to find Matthias out of bed, his medication nearby, on the nightstand. She eventually joins him outside with their son. They gaze at their backyard pond with tentative hope as the sun pours into the idyllic-looking spot, their young family having overcome an incredibly scary close call.

Why the Ending Matters

Casual news followers have undoubtedly heard of the tragedies new parents have fallen victim to in recent history. Dads are not immune to the catalyst of those events as “Noise” carefully spotlights. While questioning what is afflicting Matthias, other mysteries are scattered throughout its run. Why does the community hate Pol? Do they think he killed his wife? Why are they so rude to Liv at first?

Those are somewhat distractions for “Noise,” which instead seems designed to bring attention to a rarely discussed attention: postpartum depression in new dads. Society is barely talking openly and understandingly about mothers’ postpartum depression and psychosis, let alone fathers who are afflicted with it. Meanwhile, one out of ten fathers experiences it, per UT Southwestern Medical Center.

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Art often imitates life, and for a reason. Learn the signs to look for and take action to prevent a fatal outcome. Liv makes serious mistakes by leaving baby Julius alone with his father when she knows he is unwell. Thankfully, “Noise” has a happy ending that sees a safe family looking to the future. Hopefully, this movie provides a tool for other families to join them.

“Noise” is currently streaming on Netflix alongside many other thought-provoking dramas.