HBO Max Subscription: Are The Movies Worth It? Honest Review

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What do a bunch of movies, the “Sex and the City” sequel series, and the “Game of Thrones” prequel series have in common? They are all on HBO Max. The streaming service from HBO provides subscribers with movies and television shows available on the OG (HBO), and its much younger sibling (HBO Max). Oh, and you can watch TCM’s hub of classic movies. Now, you really must be wondering -- is it worth it? See for yourself!

Check out the YouTube video above for answers! In it, I give a review of HBO Max after trying it out for 3-months. (Thank you, Black Friday Deals!) The streamer’s $2.99 promotional hit the sweet spot, and as a special holiday treat, I decided to take it for a spin. From “And Just Like That” to “House of the Dragon” to HBO Max’s assortment of movies, the video provides an honest review.

There is one TV show that I failed to mention trying out in the video: “The Flight Attendant.” The Kaley Cuoco-led dark dramedy had been at the center of a lot of buzz, and while writing at CinemaBlend, I covered its production more than once. Hence, personal curiosity simmering for more than a minute. Did it deliver?

Let’s just say, I made an emergency landing after the first episode. It was not as rough of a flight as my last one in 2000 (thanks Captain Kerosene!). However, it was not my cup of tea. Messy lead characters are totally fine as long as they have some redeeming qualities. “The Flight Attendant” failed to take off in that regard.

Thankfully, there are a lot of other intriguing offerings on HBO Max, including the underrated US remake of “The Vanishing.” The French original is one of the most chilling movies of all time, and the English-language offerings a thrilling divergence from its source. Plus, it stars Nancy Travis in a leading role, and Jeff Bridges playing against type, which is always a big win.

In a bit of a non-spoiler alert, I ended up keeping my HBO Max subscription after the 3-month deal expired. They offered the service for $5 for three more months, and like any good vacation, I decided to extend my stay. 😉