'Maestro in Blue' Season 2 Premieres on Netflix

Maestro in Blue Klelia Netflix Klelia Andriolatou
Netflix / Mega Channel

The premiere of “Maestro in Blue” Season 2 is almost here. The Netflix original series returns Thursday, May 16, at 3:40 PM ET. It has been over a year since the first season of the soulful series premiered on the streaming giant. A teaser for Season 2 is embedded below.

Fans of “Maestro in Blue” will recall that the series writer and star - Christopher Papakaliatis - documented filming in Corfu for Season 2 back in April 2023. Cut to May 2024, and fans are about to see his work. Based on the teaser for Season 2, Netflix viewers are in for more enigmatic mystery, poetic reflections, marvelous music, and bold drama. Check it out here: 

Let the Greek concerto begin! “Maestro in Blue” is Netflix’s first original series from Greece, and it made a mark with its beautiful sights and sounds. When we left off, the murder mystery was somewhat “solved” for viewers. We know what happened. What happens in the aftermath remains a knot for Season 2 to untangle.

Orestis (Christopher Papakaliatis) left the island and returned home with his estranged wife, leaving a distraught Klelia (Klelia Andriolatou) behind. As the music festival wound down, tensions only turned up on “Maestro in Blue.” Orestis’ wife revealed she had successfully impregnated herself without Orestis’ consent, using their fertility creations as a weapon for reconciliation.

I do not support Orestis and Klelia’s relationship. However, I hope happy endings are in store for almost everyone. “Maestro in Blue” Season 1 struck a chord as it showcased varying perspectives on events, both recent and past. 

The number of differing views is unusual for dramas that tend to keep their story straight, aka defined lines of bad vs. good. It is a welcome breath of fresh air.

The month of May has become a lot more entertaining. I plan to take time and savor the series. In case you missed it, “Maestro in Blue” Season 2 premieres Thursday, May 16, at 3:40 PM ET on Netflix.