Is 'Black Spot' Cancelled? Or Coming Back?

Black Spot Zone Blanche Laurent Capelluto Franck Siriani Suliane Brahim Laurรจne Weiss Netflix

Hopes for “Black Spot” to return for Season 3 have taken a catastrophic downturn amid a somewhat surprising decision. Netflix is letting the captivating French-language sci-fi thriller go. The streaming giant says “Black Spot” will be leaving on June 13. So, if you want to binge it, you will need to move swiftly.

“Black Spot” initially came to my attention on Prime Video in 2018. The first season provided thrills and chills as the residents of Villefranche dealt with the arrival of a new district attorney to a small town amid a brewing mystery. It was a sublime hybrid of realism juxtaposed with the supernatural.

Around a year later, “Black Spot” left Prime Video, and Season 2 premiered on Netflix. It is tough to know how well the series performed on Netflix in 2019. At the time, the streamer had not made its top ten list of most-watched content public yet. (Netflix started sharing that in 2021.)

You would think of Netflix being the perfect platform for a series like “Black Spot.” It was more exciting than a typical show from the genre. The blend of drama, suspense, and paranormal undercurrents made for a unique show that kept viewers on their toes.

If it were going to make it anywhere, “Black Spot” would have found its audience on Netflix. Cut to not one year but five years later, and the show is leaving the service (very) soon. 

It feels as though it is time to accept that the ending of Season 2 likely constitutes the series finale. If it is the true end, it marks another loss for Netflix, which has not treated its original series any more favorably. Here is hoping the first two seasons of “Black Spot” find a new home.