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The Best TV Shows Of 2021 (So Far)? 'Dead Mountain' Lives In Part 2

If you are looking for Part 2 of Eclectic Pop’s list of 2021’s Best Shows (so far), you have come to the right place. Below you will find the final three series to make the cut and determine which one takes the top spot. Recently released in the United States, Russia’s “Dead Mountain” is one of the…

TV Review: Russia's 'Dead Mountain' Is Alive And Riveting On Topic

The premiere of Russia’s “Dead Mountain” is available to stream in the United States, and the series is alive and riveting. Yes, you read that correctly. The Russian series based on the events surrounding the Dyatlov Pass incident and the ensuing investigation is available to stream on Topic (scrol…

'Dead Mountain' Arrives On Topic: Cast, Release Date, Plot And More

“Dead Mountain” (originally titled “Pereval Dyatlova”) is coming to the United States via the streaming service, Topic, and I have everything you need to know below. Based on the events surrounding the much speculated-upon Dyatlov Pass incident, this Russian series works to answer the myriad of que…