The Best TV Shows Of 2021 (So Far)? 'Dead Mountain' Lives In Part 2

Dead Mountain Pereval Dyatlova Pyotr Fyodorov Oleg Kostin Topic

If you are looking for Part 2 of Eclectic Pop’s list of 2021’s Best Shows (so far), you have come to the right place. Below you will find the final three series to make the cut and determine which one takes the top spot. Recently released in the United States, Russia’s “Dead Mountain” is one of the shows to make the list.

Before we get into Part 2, though, let’s quickly discuss some shows shy of the list. 

Released within the last week, “Money Heist” Season 5 (Part 5) takes action to repair the damage done during its last season. Unfortunately, it was still not enough to break this list. However, there is a silver lining that even the “Money Heist” gang would appreciate. The show is not done with 2021 yet, so there is a chance it could show up on the year’s best. Season 6 premieres on December 3, by the way.

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New Amsterdam Freema Agyeman Dr. Helen Sharpe NBC 
Virginia Sherwood / NBC

Other Worthy Shows

“New Amsterdam” is another show I suspect to be worthy of 2021’s Best TV Show so far -- list. However, I have not gotten a chance to watch Season 3 yet. Plus, an exit plot twist I got made aware of ahead of time has made my heart wary of diving into it. Weirdly, being in hospitals so much last month has me kind of reticent to watch medical dramas for the moment.

It has been a “Heartland” marathon kind of year for a reason. If I had watched 2021’s Season 14, “Heartland” would probably be on this list, but I have some more binge-watching to do! (Hopefully, some of you will join me in watching it.) To the shows that barely missed the list. “El Cid” came close, and Ruy was giving it all he had

In truth, Season 2’s twist ending is partly to blame, and the competition is so fierce. Nevertheless, it would be impossible to leave it off 2021’s year-ending list for TV, so stay tuned. Until then, and without further ado, here are the three Best TV Shows of 2021 (so far):

Monarca Irene Azuela Ana Marรญa Carranza Dรกvila Netflix
Ana Cristina Blumenkron / Netflix

#3: Monarca

Why Netflix? Why? In March, cast member Juan Manuel Bernal confirmed on Instagram that the streamer had cancelled one of the best original series it has had this year. Season 2 proved that “Monarca” was not only here to stay. It indicated it was ready to take no prisoners. The daring drama surrounding a family’s battle over their tequila empire impressed beyond words. 

The storytelling in Season 2 stood out with impeccable twists weaved with dramatic threads that perfectly tied to each other. “Monarca” was edgy, and it regrettably ends on a cliffhanger. While it undermines its ability to find future viewers who do not want to invest in such an ending, rest assured that the ride is worth it. Not that “Monarca” does not deserve another season or a movie. It does.

If that never happens, you can always watch Season 1 and Season 2 on Netflix. You will not regret it! 

Sex Life Brad Simon Adam Demos Billie Connelly Sarah Shahi Netflix
Amanda Matlovich / Netflix

#2: Sex / Life

It is not here for the reasons you may think. Instead, “Sex/Life” is a deep study of one woman’s self-destructive quest to make sense of her life as a party-girl turned suburban housewife and mother. Like a moth to the flame, Sarah Shahi’s Billie finds herself drawn to her ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos), and the path to him is filled with carnage. What Billie will decide is the question Season 2 could better answer.

“Sex/Life” takes viewers all over the emotional map, and empathy for Billie becomes increasingly hard to find. That said, the cast is so engaging that you cannot help to continue watching, and there is a lot of food for thought here. It is just that many of us are probably coming to the conclusions made by Billie’s BFF Sasha (Margaret Odette) rather than Billie.

It is a discussion starter, and that is what good TV does! It gets people talking. To join the discussion, Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.

Dead Mountain Alexander Sergeyevich Kolevatov Evgeniy Antropov Topic

#1: Dead Mountain

Solving a mystery that has haunted the world for half a century is a tall order. Nevertheless, that is exactly what the ambitious “Dead Mountain” aims to do, and it pulls it off with dignity and grace. Excellently executed by director Evgeniy Nikishov and screenwriters Ilya Kulikov, Alexsandr Sysoev, and Vasiliy Vnukov, “Dead Mountain” is very alive. The series grabs you, and it never lets you go.

“Dead Mountain” provides a vivid, realistic version of what befell the Dyatlov Pass hikers while also weaving in the emotional backstory of the KGB major (Pyotr Fyodorov) assigned to investigate it. You will want to know the answer to many things, and unlike some shows, “Dead Mountain” gives it to you. The production is epic, and everything else is on par, creating one of 2021’s most towering entries. 

Episode 1 is currently streaming on Topic. New episodes of “Dead Mountain” will arrive every Thursday. 

In Closing

Harlan Coben’s “The Innocent” is another honorable mention that merits a shout-out. Like the other series mentioned, it will probably put it on the year-end list. It is the best Harlan Coben adaptation so far, and Netflix has made several. The only thing that held “The Innocent” back from this list is that it was a bit tougher to watch due to the subject matter.

The list above is meant to point potential viewers toward something binge-able that feels like a knife through hot butter viewing. Hopefully, you enjoyed this list, and stay tuned for more TV coverage. There is not much time left in the year, so we will have to see what “You” and “Yellowstone” bring to the table.