Does 'Wild Mountain Thyme' Have A Shocking Ending? Explained

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It is fair to say that “Wild Mountain Thyme” has an ending unlike any other. The 2020 movie is an adaptation of John Patrick Shanley’s play “Outside Mullingar,” and you are in for some surprises if you are not familiar with it. So, what happens at the end of the Emily Blunt and Jamie Dornan starrer? Is there a happy ending? Well, let’s back up just a moment. 

“Wild Mountain Thyme” is a wild romance that follows Rosemary’s (Emily Blunt) undying desire for Anthony (Jamie Dornan, “Fifty Shades” franchise). While they grew up on neighboring farms located amid the breathtaking backdrop of the real-life Mount Nephin, the duo could not be further apart. Rosemary longs for Anthony, and the whole movie examines why he is not interested in pursuing a relationship with her.

Be Warned: Spoilers for the ending of “Wild Mountain Thyme” get explained below.

The lingering question of why Anthony shows no interest in Rosemary is the linchpin to the movie, and its shocking ending. Unlike Emily Blunt’s “The Girl on the Train,” the reveal comes out of nowhere. To the point that it is has gotten people “buzzing.” Keep that clue in mind because we are about to dive head-first into the surprising ending of “Wild Mountain Thyme.”

Why does Anthony not want to be with Rosemary?

The reason is that Anthony has a pretty big secret about his life. Before the ending of “Wild Mountain Thyme,” Anthony is shown whispering what viewers later learn is that very secret. His ensuing reveal gets a laugh from two people. He tells it to his childhood crush (when he was a kid) and a woman he meets as an adult but not Rosemary. Anthony keeps his secret from her until the very end of the movie.

What is the secret, aka twist? 

Finally, having had enough of Anthony’s indifference to her, Rosemary confronts him as to his seemingly non-existent feelings for her. During the near-ending of “Wild Mountain Thyme,” Anthony finally reveals that he believes he is a bee, and that is what has kept him from being with her. (Yes, really.) Anthony believes he is a bee.

How does Rosemary react to Anthony’s reveal?

Rosemary takes it pretty well. She is taken aback at first but quickly believes in the sincerity by which Anthony believes that he is a bee. Having pried the truth out of Anthony at long last, Rosemary and Anthony’s relationship ends up with her still fancying Anthony over his American cousin. In other words, she still wants a relationship with Anthony. After all, it is not like Anthony is a serial killer.

Does “Wild Mountain Thyme” have a happy ending?

If you consider a happy ending, one in which Rosemary still wants to be with Anthony, and the two characters end up together, then yes. They are sort of made for each other. Thanks to her father, Rosemary likens and somewhat considers herself to be a swan. So, it is not a giant leap for her to be with a guy who believes he is a bee.

Is the movie sad?

Long before the ending comes up and hits viewers with that hammer of a twist, “Wild Mountain Thyme” has some pretty emotional beats. Rosemary and Anthony lose both of their parents during the film, and it is hard-hitting and upsetting. The whole movie accordingly takes on a somewhat melancholy tone that is tough to shake.

In Summation

“Wild Mountain Thyme” is not a romantic comedy (i.e., “Ginny Weds Sunny”), nor is it romantic or all that funny. There are some light-hearted moments, and the chemistry between Rosemary and Anthony’s cousin, Adam (Jon Hamm), supplies the movie’s central romance. (Yes, I was rooting for Rosemary and Adam over Rosemary and Anthony. Sorry.)

If you want to decide which cousin was the right one for Rosemary and still have curiosity over the buzz-worthy twist that is Anthony’s bee reveal, check it out. “Wild Mountain Thyme” is currently streaming for a price ($5.99) on pretty much every platform, including Amazon Prime Video. I would wait for it to show up on the streamer of your choice.