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Best TV Shows Of 2020: 'Medici,' 'Yellowstone,' 'Dark' And More

Television did not disappoint in 2020, and that is saying something. Why? Because the medium has been firing on all cylinders for years now. In 2020, fans saw many great TV shows get cancelled too soon, while long-running series came to a deliberately consummate end. “Medici” was one of the shows t…

Is 'The Crown' Season 4 (About Diana) Royally Worthy Of The Buzz?

If you live for dramas and are as curious about the English royals as yours truly is, then “The Crown” has undoubtedly caught your fancy. The Netflix series recently released Season 4, delivering on a much-anticipated chapter in the Windsor family dynasty: the arrival of Princess Diana. By now, you…

10 Top Costume Dramas: Part I

It is a great time to be a fan of costume dramas. There are new ones currently airing and older ones available for new audiences to enjoy, thanks to Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What makes a costume drama exceptional? Gorgeous costumes, grand romance, and powerful performances are just a few of the attributes that go into making you grateful for having watched one. In no particular order, this is Part 1 of a list filled with 10 outstanding costume dramas. You can read Part II by clicking here.

Writing About: 'The Crown' Season 1 On Netflix

The second season of “The Crown” will premiere on Netflix, December 8. So here to help you catch up on the vital details of Season 1, and maybe even decide if you want to stream it (if you have not already), is this recap of what I’ve written about “The Crown” on various sites, including Eclectic Pop, Hidden Remote, and the Inquisitr.

Best New Bets on Netflix: November 2016

The Last King Birkebeinerne Kristofer Hivju Torstein Jakob Oftebro SkjervaldA fresh batch of entertainment has arrived on Netflix this November and Eclectic Pop has narrowed down the best new bets. First up the Top 5 movie additions and then a TV pick. Let’s get started…