Best TV Shows Of 2020: 'Medici,' 'Yellowstone,' 'Dark' And More

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Television did not disappoint in 2020, and that is saying something. Why? Because the medium has been firing on all cylinders for years now. In 2020, fans saw many great TV shows get cancelled too soon, while long-running series came to a deliberately consummate end. “Medici” was one of the shows to exit stage left.

Did the terrific costume drama get outdone by the 21 other titles comprising this list? “Medici” had some stiff competition. Another period piece, “Bonfire of Destiny,” just missed the list despite providing high drama on a grand scale as history and fiction ignited intensely fascinating results. So, what did make the cut of 2020’s Best TV shows? Did “Medici” come out on top? Find out!


Season 6B provided an unexpected and fulfilling finish for the epic saga that marked the end of another TV era.


“Dark” went into the light but not before a grandly-choreographed final season about life, death, and everything in between. 

Unsolved Mysteries

It is no mystery why this winning revival claimed so much virtual ink. It earned it thanks to its shocking debut case getting things started, and it never looked back.

Never Have I Ever

Sweet, funny, and endearing, “Never Have I Ever” watched a better new comedy in 2020 as Maitreyi Ramakrishnan gave the breakout turn of the year.

The Crown

Princess Diana’s debut in Season 4 was everything fans had been waiting for and more. A feat that could not have gotten achieved without Emma Corrin and Josh O’Connor’s on-point performances.


Agonizing, brilliant, and explosive. “Ozark“ reclaimed all of its lost ground in Season 4 thanks to Tom Pelphrey’s magnificent turn as Wendy’s brother, Ben. Pelphrey’s performance brought nuance and much-needed understanding to the bipolar community in a storyline that followed suit.


Supernatural thrillers are tough to do. To which, “Curon” mounted an incredible freshman season that went all-in and all-out.

Indian Matchmaking

Netflix delivered a reality series with loads of heart, fascinating people, and surprising twists that kept viewers intrigued.

High Seas

Ahoy, another journey that ended way too soon after a “Gran” (wink) character introduction. At least the final season saved some of the best for last.

You Cannot Hide

This thrilling nail-biter about a mother and daughter caught in a secret past came to play with a binge-worthy limited run.


Three times was a charm for Stana Katic’s master showcase in performance prowess as Emily Byrne evolved yet again.

Last Man Standing

Tim Allen and company kept the laughs coming without missing a beat in it what turned out to be the beloved sitcom’s penultimate season.

Dark Desires

This addictive binge turned up the sultry heat on Netflix with a creative twist on a popular subgenre. Think “The Boy Next Door” on steroids.

Control Z

Season 1 of the arresting teen mystery outdid “Pretty Little Liars” with a tightly-written suspenseful tale that encompassed several important issues in its first season alone.

White Lines

This Netflix series is gone way too soon after a dazzling debut season that begged for more while giving its charismatic cast a chance to shine.


Every superhero origin story wishes it were this enthralling to watch in Season 1. Magne had it covered. Here is to Season 2!

The Last Kingdom

It just keeps getting better and better. Who would have thought Uhrtred would be a must-see anti-hero? Destiny (and anticipation for Season 5) is all!

Oktoberfest: Beer & Blood

“Oktoberfest’s” first season was what every costume drama should strive to be – exquisitely entertaining with a knockout performance by Misel Maticevic. 

My Holo Love

Originality brimming with appetizing-food-for-thought is currently rare to come by, and this engagingly romantic and charmingly acted mini had it in spades.

To The Lake

The TV show that I could not stop thinking about despite its eerie real-life echoes. One of those special human operas to get to the heart of survival drama. Spasibo!

New Amsterdam

Emotional drama has never been this uplifting, inspiring, and downright brilliant in its beauty. The writing and acting performances charge one of primetime television’s finest couplings.


This riveting weekly escape led by Kevin Costner’s roguish charm and movie-star mystique kept fans guessing and begging for more with its intoxicating family drama.

2020’s Best TV Show is Medici

Magnificent in every way, with its tour de force final chapter raising one complaint. That it was the last one. “Medici” Season 3 was the only installment of television that never ventured far from my thoughts, which is impressive considering that it debuted early on in 2020. Between the writing, direction, and marvelous performances, it had no equal


Another honorable mention belongs to Italy’s “The Trial.” The courtroom drama genre got an edgy variation by not attempting to reinvent the wheel rather by embracing the spin full-tilt. Notably not on the list this year was 2019 runner-up “You.” The reason being that the stunning Netflix thriller did not return in 2020. Here is hoping for a 2021 debut for Season 3.

One other show of note in 2020 was “Cobra Kai,” which rightfully soared into the stratosphere with the launch of its first two seasons (2018 and 2019 debuts) on Netflix. The release dates are the only reason for it not getting included. That said, I cannot wait to watch Season 3. Expectations are undoubtedly high, but there are many reasons to think the nostalgic favorite can rise to the challenge

Do you agree or disagree with this year-end list? Or do you have strong feelings about another show that did not include? Take some time to leave a comment. They are always appreciated. In the meantime, Happy New Year! Here is to a (positively) eventful 2021 in all of your favorite TV landscapes.