Song of the Week: 'Wild Child' by Brett Dennen

Refreshing is the first word that comes to mind when the folksy single “Wild Child” begins. Culling from a luxurious guitar rhythm, the song’s catchy hook is what pushes it over the edge and into enduring appeal. It’s infectiously invigorating, energetic and filled with an earthy frenzy.

As a result, the repeat factor of the song is off the charts. As one could easily identify, the lyrics capture the enigmatic journey of a soul desiring freedom, as Dennen gleefully proclaims “I am a wild child mama”.

“Wild Child” transmits a throwback to the free spirit and enthusiasm of the glorious era of 70’s, soft rock. Providing a sonic portal between the current sound-scape of folk/soft rock and the enduring, idyllic, pleasantry of acts, such as, The Allman Brothers and John Denver.

Cool and simplistic, singer-songwriter, Brett Dennen’s vocal performance is vibrant. The sweeping, summery feel it elicits is warm and colorful. You can practically feel the breeze of nature coming through the speakers. 

The proud lyrical proclamations and anthem-like aspects are presented with soaring expressiveness. The effect of the chanting “ohs” in the backing vocals adds a collective allure. The untamed vitality of “Wild Child” works to put a spring in the step of the creative spirit. It's an impressive accomplishment.