Rejoice! A Christmas Music Playlist For Amazon Prime Members

One More Sleep Leona Lewis Christmas, With Love
Syco / RCA

In the Christmas spirit? You know what that means. The need for Christmas music is beginning its climb to a fevered pitch. Thankfully, there is a lot of it to choose from as classics, and modern favorites serve as worthy playlist contenders. Eclectic Pop has a new Christmas playlist for Amazon Prime members.

Music from Leona Lewis, Taylor Swift, and many others is on the list. You can listen here. As a fan of Christmas music who firmly believes in artists creating new content for the genre and additional covers of classics, this playlist hopes to strike a purposeful balance. Lewis and Swift are among those to grant the Christmas wish of providing more new songs.

Leona Lewis has given listeners “One More Sleep,” along with a bevy of fantastic covers of numerous classics. Lewis’s album is a Christmas music dream. Also providing her share of Christmas tidings is Christina Perri via her relatively recent album, “A Very Merry Perri Christmas.” Long-time Christmas music enthusiasts will also enjoy songs from Mariah Carey and Amy Grant. If you like it, be sure to click the “+” so you can add the playlist to your music.

Sadly, songs from Taylor Swift’s Christmas EP and Lindsey Stirling’s holiday album are only available via Amazon Unlimited. Otherwise, they would have been in the Amazon version of the “Eclectic Christmas” playlist on Spotify. In some happier yuletide tidings, music from many others is, so it is not a total loss.

Faith Hill’s underrated Christmas album gets some entries, and so do The Piano Guys. Who else loves an eclectic assortment of Christmas music? After all, it cannot be non-stop Hallmark Christmas movies (or can it?). Music plays a central role in stirring nostalgia and helping create new feelings too. What is the advantage to this Christmas playlist over the one that Eclectic Pop has created for Spotify?

It all boils down to how you can listen to Christmas music without dealing with ads. (Note: This is not a paid promotion.) Those not paying for Spotify’s premium membership have to listen to ads when streaming music. For Amazon Prime members, the answer to an ad-free session of Christmas music lies with a membership.

If you are familiar with (and have enjoyed) Eclectic Pop’s Eclectic Christmas on Spotify and you do not have premium, ads are part of the territory. The same story applies to YouTube playlists. Cut to Amazon Prime. If you have Unlimited, the options are limitless. For those of you reading this who also have an Amazon Prime membership, you can listen for free and ad-free to lots of music via Amazon Music.

The Eclectic Christmas playlist up on Amazon gives Prime members the gift that keeps on giving -- ad-free Christmas music. There is a dilemma, though. Since originally getting curated last year, a lot of songs have gone to the “Unlimited” side of the aisle. If you have it, you can listen to every song. If you do not (raises hand), some playlist entries are greyed out and will get skipped over. 

The wonderful news is that a lot of the music is still there. Hopefully, that will be the bright side for those of you who decide to listen in. Depending on the response to this playlist, yours truly may curate one over on YouTube, so stay tuned. Here at Eclectic Pop, I am wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas!

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