'Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour' Review: Should You See It?

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour Movie Poster
AMC Theatres, Taylor Swift Productions

Lights, camera, Swift-- Taylor Swift. What is better than seeing the music superstar in concert? Seeing Taylor Swift dominate the stage in a concert movie. In “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour,” Swift gives movie-goers a front-row seat to the tour of the year and possibly the decade.

As explained here, I have gone to two Taylor Swift concerts in person. The first was the “Fearless” tour, and the second was “Speak Now.” Both shows were amazing and featured a twenty-something Swift getting a whole coliseum on their feet. That was then, and this is the glorious now. In her concert movie, Swift goes through every “Era” of her career, and she does not miss a beat.

Taylor Swift is a “Mastermind,” and it shows.

You see, Swift is one of the few entertainers to gain energy instead of seeing hers diminish as a concert progresses. I have seen other performers give their all in the opening acts and lose momentum as their energy wanes. Their ability to gain more from the crowd is not possible. For Taylor Swift, the audience energizes her superpowers. Swift sings, performs, and lives her songs to a stunning level.

As a fan since “Tim McGraw” hit radio airwaves in its first week in rotation, it has been a privilege to watch Taylor Swift become a household name. Suppose you have never heard one of her songs. Or seen one of Swift’s music videos or her enlightening documentary, never fear.

Watching five seconds of “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” should make you a fan for life.

If you have been to a Taylor Swift concert in the past, you know you spend most of your time watching jumbotron screens to see her. The movie gives you a chance to skip that and get up close as Swift gives one of the many performances of her life. It is safe to say that with her raw gift, she has only improved with time.

It is abundantly evident that Taylor Swift has worked to perfect every detail of her “Fearless” dance moves. Even how she holds her microphone has been finessed, and Swift keeps her balletic energy flowing through every dance move, down to her fingertips. There is not a second that Swift is not in a “State of Grace” on stage.

For long-time fans, “Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is a must-see walk down memory lane. Every era means something different to Swift and her fans. For me, it is a trail of broken dreams, grievous betrayals, fractured fantasies, and the dawning of new hope.

After so many bad memories, it felt great to make new ones.

My Mom, Chewy the Pomeranian, and I went to a drive-in to watch Taylor Swift rock the socks off of Inglewood, California. It was the best spot to see it, under the big sky, it was easy to feel like you were in the crowd. No matter where you decide to see it, ensure you do. You will want to experience this era.

Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” is currently in theaters.