TV Report Card: The Complete List: 2013/2014 Season

The Blacklist Raymond Red Reddington James Spader NBC
Justin Stephens / NBC

Another season of television has flown by and with that, the reflection process can begin. Eclectic Pop has deconstructed and graded a multitude of television series that aired in the 2013-2014 season. The grading process was broken into five categories.

Those five categories are measured with equal weight and they are as follows: storyline (pros and cons), the quality of the performances, production caliber, and the musical score. See if you're favorite show scored the highest (A+). Fact: only one series scored an A+ this season.

To read the review of your choosing, simply click on the title you would like to read about. Titles marked with a "stay tuned" next to them, have yet to have their review published. Below is the list of shows:  

Arrow: Season 2 Full Review and Mid-Season Review
 Beauty and the Beast: Mid-Season Review and Stay Tuned for the Full Season Review
Once Upon a Time: Mid-Season Review and Stay Tuned Tuned for the Full Season Review

Cancelled Series: