Top 10 Most-Read Posts of March 2016

March marked the third year anniversary of Eclectic Pop’s inception and another interesting month for content traffic. Almost half of the Top 10 is movie-centric with 3 special features and 2 television posts rounding out the list. Kicking things off in tenth place is the first Eclectic Pop News item of the year.

Of the special interest pieces that proved the most popular, the playlist for #RKC’s presentation of Eclectic Selection claimed the top spot, while a spotlight feature on 2016’s Texas Indie Fest came in second and a recap of the most-read posts in Eclectic Pop’s history (so far) nabbed fifth.

Of the reader trends, movie reviews were all the rage in March. Newly published reviews for the Oscar-nominated “Brooklyn”, 2015 crime drama “Dark Places” and the “Divergent” sequel “Insurgent” all landed Top 10 finishes. While “Allegiant” might have struggled at the box office, readership still showed strong interest in the franchise.

The list of 2015’s Top 10 Most-Read Movie Reviews dropped 4 spots from its #3 finish in February to #7 in March. Also dropping off the list, were all of the Best of 2015 lists.

Propelling the TV Rundown to its greatest Top 10 finish and widest audience so far this year was the season two premiere of “Daredevil”, which bowed on Netflix in late March. Excitement was high over the new season and it showed. Given the response and the tremendous quality of the season, readers should stay tuned for further coverage of the series throughout the next few weeks. 

What else should you expect from Eclectic Pop in April? Coverage of “Game of Thrones'” sixth season and the long awaited continuation of “Reign’s” third season run (Monday, April 25 at 8pm EST), more movie reviews (including “Batman vs. Superman” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2”) and further musical musings. Scroll down to discover all of the posts that made the Top 10 and click the titles to read them…