Top 10 Most-Read Posts of August & September 2016

Eclectic Pop has recapped and linked to the Top 10 Most-Read Posts for both August and September. Check them out below…

August - Top 10 Recap: The final full month of summer 2016, saw readers trend towards movie reviews and the return of an old feature in rebooted form (Top 5). Out of the Top 10, half were movie reviews and 80% were movie-related, period.

If you are wondering how a 2013 review managed to crack the Top 10, there is an explanation. “Homefront” climbed its way to the #10 spot thanks to its selection as a #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday movie review on social media. Why was it chosen? August saw the release of its star Jason Statham’s latest action adventure, “Mechanic: Resurrection”.

When it came to the #1 spot, 'Disorder': Top 5 Things You Need to Know ran away with a hefty lead over second place. The French thriller has already received the review treatment (you can read it here). We will see if it has the staying power its promotional predecessor enjoyed. 

Without further ado, here’s the complete list of the Top 10 Most-Read Posts for August…

September - Top 10 Recap: Sweet September saw movie reviews take up 3 slots. While reader’s musical interest on the site surged with the announcement of future plans for Eclectic Pop’s music section, (ICYMI read it here), the final playlist for Eclectic Selection and a new review for Eliza Neals’ album ‘Breaking and Entering’.

There was also a one-off piece (Why Figure Skaters Should Consider Music from 'Game of Thrones'…) that fused music and sports. As a fan of figure skating, the case had to be made for the new season of programs to include some musical choices from popular soundtracks. A girl can only hope the universe is listening. 

After a month-long hiatus, the Entertainment Inquiry returned with a new installment. “The Girl on the Train”, “Nocturnal Animals” and “Fifty Shades Darker” were just a few of the subjects broached in the latest edition. As for older posts, Eclectic Pop’s picks for the Top 5 Best TV Shows Streaming on Netflix gained new readers over the Labor Day Weekend thanks to the Twitter-sphere. 

Without further ado, here’s the complete list of the Top 10 Most-Read Posts for September…

Content Notes for October
-A new month is upon us and Eclectic Pop is determined to bring you more original content throughout the month than in recent ones, so stay tuned.

-Speaking of new content, a new feature centering on the Best New Bets arriving on Netflix in October has debuted. Depending on reader response, it could be a mainstay.

-Coming (Very) Soon: a review of the Jake Gyllenhaal starrer “Demolition”.

-Another installment of the Entertainment Inquiry is on the horizon. Remember, if you have an entertainment or site-related question for Eclectic Pop that you would like to see featured, feel free to send it in! You can submit it by tweeting @EclecticPop, leaving a comment or using the contact form located on the home page.

-As always, thanks to everyone who has been reading and sharing Eclectic Pop’s content on social media. You are what keep the fires burning here!