The 2017 Emmy Nominations' Most Heartbreaking Snubs

Bates Motel, The White Princess, Reign were among the most heartbreaking 2017 Emmy snubs
Another year of Emmy nominations can only mean one thing: another year of snubs. The 2017 Emmy nominations proved to be no exception. It was an especially brutal year for retiring series and departing actors' final performances. As the 2017 Emmy nominations marked their last chance to be recognized.

With “Game of Thrones” voluntarily out of the running, there was room for other series to make their mark. For long-time readers of Eclectic Pop, the well-known favorites depressingly ignored are easy to guess. Nevertheless, these are the Emmy snubs that have been the hardest to process.

“Bates Motel” (A & E)

This year, nor this entire decade, has seen a series better than A & E’s brilliant “Psycho” prequel, “Bates Motel.” The criminally underrated drama drew to a close in April with a heartrending finale that was nothing short of perfection. You see, the series ended in rarefied fashion, in as high a quality as it began.

With four incredible seasons under its belt, “Bates” took a huge gamble it did not have to, parting with a lead character before its final run and risking its legacy in the process. As fans know, “Bates” possessed a cast so rich with talent, showrunners Kerry Ehrin and Carlton Cuse was able to pull off the impossible – a perfect final season.

Vera Farmiga was snubbed by the 2017 Emmy nominations for her role as Norma Bates on Bates Motel
[Image by A & E]
To know that “Bates Motel” has been ignored for the last time is painful, tragic, and agonizingly confusing. Why this tremendously written and performed series, which shined a compassionate light on the mentally ill while competently grappling with other hard-hitting issues, has been consistently ignored by the Emmys and other awards-accolades, is beyond frustrating to contemplate.

There have been few other series as provocative, thought-provoking, and moving as “Bates Motel.” It is truly in a league of its own, a powerhouse of intriguing talent that never received its due from the Emmys. As someone, who wanted this cast and crew to be recognized for all it accomplished during its run, it is a bitter pill. The only bright side comes in knowing they will not have to endure it again.

“Narcos” (Netflix)

Netflix’s ambitious drama ended its focus on infamous drug lord Pablo Escobar in its riveting second season. How the Emmys ignored what was one of the best lead performances of the year with Wagner Moura’s arresting turn as Escobar is bewildering to consider.

As is the Emmys’ ambivalence to the series as a whole, and the captivating performances of Paulina Gaitan as Escobar’s wife, and Pedro Pascal as determined DEA agent Peña. The first two seasons of “Narcos” are of feature film caliber, an exceptional accomplishment. There is no other series around quite like it, and there is unlikely to be one in the future.

Victoria (PBS)

While the PBS/ITV series received Emmy nominations for its deserving soundtrack, the cast experienced a different outcome. Series star Jenna Coleman's luminous turn as a young Queen Victoria and Rufus Sewell's poignant performance as Lord Melbourne were both royally snubbed.

Stars of The White Princess, Jodie Comer, and Jacob Collins-Levy were snubbed by the 2017 Emmy nominations
[Image by Starz]

“The White Princess” (Starz)

The follow-up series to “The White Princess” took four years to arrive, and it was well worth the wait. Even with high expectations, the sequel delivered on all fronts.

The Emmys ignored the limited series, despite featuring a slew of stunning performances that were accompanied by an equally formidable production. The final two episodes of the series proved to be some of the year's most memorable. You can read more about why “The White Princess” should have been nominated on the Inquisitr here.

“Reign” (The CW)

At the center of The CW’s stunning costume drama has always been Adelaide Kane and Megan Follows’ impeccable turns as two contrasting queens with common ground. Kane and Follows created something exquisitely exhilarating with their characterizations of two historical women, Mary, Queen of Scots, and Catherine de' Medici, respectively.

The Emmys skipped something extraordinary when they snubbed these fine actresses and the series' impeccable costuming, which has been among the finest TV has ever seen.

“The Blacklist” (NBC)

James Spader completed another year on “The Blacklist” with his familiar finesse as Raymond “Red” Reddington. Per usual, his and his co-stars’ performances were terrific and, per usual, snubbed by the Emmys.

Susan Blommaert’s touching performance as a vengeful Mr. Kaplin and Amir Arison’s always heartwarming turn as mega-genius Aram vested Season 4 with its most stirring moments.

Vikings actor Travis Fimmel was snubbed by the 2017 Emmy nominations
[Image by HISTORY]

“Vikings” (HISTORY)

The last half of “Vikings” Season 4 featured one distinctive highlight – actor Travis Fimmel’s phenomenal final bow as the series’ diabolical lead. As Ragnar Lothbrock, Fimmel never wavered in delivering one of TV's most complex, enigmatic, and richly dynamic characterizations. With Fimmel now off the series, 2017 was the last chance for the Emmys to finally recognize one of the greats it has long-ignored, and they did it anyway.

“Penny Dreadful” (Showtime)

The final season of the Showtime series qualified for this year’s Emmys. The Victorian horror-drama came to a close with a strong last season that resonated with huge emotional stakes. Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, and Brian Cox all earned Emmy recognition for their performances, and none of them got it.

"Poldark" (PBS)

"Poldark" has an amazing cast, riveting writing, dreamy direction, and glorious production values. How and why the popular PBS/BBC co-production has been ignored for the second year in a row is anyone's painful guess.

“The OA” (Netflix)

The pilot for Netflix’s sci-fi drama was one of the year’s best, more of a movie than the first episode of a TV series. That kind of quality should not have been ignored.

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