'Sneaky Pete' Cancelled: Did Season 3's Ending Provide A Proper Series Finale?

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“Sneaky Pete” thrilled this viewer for three seasons. After two entertainingly different installments, the Amazon series turned out a particularly sensational third season. All of its various parts snapping into place in a fantastic way that boded well for the series’ creative future. For all intents and purposes, Season 3 ended on a high note.

Unfortunately, fans will not get to see the dramedy caper build on the foundation set by Season 3. “Sneaky Pete” has pulled its last con. Amazon cancelled the series, per THR. Meaning that a season that concluded with an array of possibilities will not get a chance to explore them further with a follow-up. For better or worse, Season 3's ending was the series finale.

Is it better to go out leaving them wanting more? Not when there was still so much potential to tap. Thankfully, there was no cliffhanger ending.

Regardless, the decision is frustrating. However, it is comforting to know that “Sneaky Pete” did finally arrive at a creative peak without plateauing. Did Season 3’s ending, provide a proper conclusion for its characters? I’m split.

Spoilers for the ending of “Sneaky Pete” Season 3 are discussed below.

How It Ended

Marius gave Julia the money via diamonds to afford a strong legal defense. Or at least an expensive one. Whether or not she would end up serving a prison term was left open-ended.

“Sneaky Pete” was all about the little moments and Marius and Maggie’s interaction when he and Grandma Audrey busted her for supposedly impersonating Lila was…strange. It was as if Marius put her up to take the fall for it. Add in his anguished looked when Grandpa Otto lamented thinking Lila was alive and I sensed guilt. More on that below.

Grandma Audrey, Grandpa Otto, Julia, Carly, and Taylor seemed to be recovering from the blow that was thinking Lila was alive. Carly was planning for her future and Taylor seemed to be getting his life together. Preferably not with his Grandpa’s ex-mistress.

This may be wishful thinking. However, it appeared that he may join the family business. They needed someone now that Julia’s status was up in the air. Plus, he proved he was a natural fit for the job.

I would like to imagine all of the Bowman/Bernhardts (including Sneaky) working together in the bail bondsman business.

This Fan’s Thoughts

On the one hand, I am grateful that the series did not follow through with anything definitively romantic between Marius/Sneaky/Pete and Julia. They were terrific as friends and pretend cousins. It would have been weird to play them as cousins for two seasons, and then go full-steam ahead with a romantic relationship between them.

In Season 1, you could sense “Sneaky Pete” teasing the possibility. Marius knew that Julia was not his cousin and seemed to be attracted to her. However, throughout Season 3, “Sneaky Pete” made it clear that he was still hung up on his ex, Lizzie, with whom he shared a tumultuous history.

I did not support Marius getting back together with Lizzie. That said, their dynamic was interesting, and it was easy to see what the show was trying to say with it. Lizzie represented who Marius/Sneaky used to be and was resisting reverting into. I liked it.

Julia and Marius just did not work that way. They were fantastic as friends and their banter never bored. It was nice that they left things that way. That said, “Sneaky Pete” did not stop hinting that Marius and Julia could be a “thing.”

The show gave Grandma Audrey that line about seeing how Julia and Marius interacted in the Season 3 finale. If the plan was to explore a Marius/Julia coupling in Season 4, let it be known that this viewer prefers the way Season 3 left things between them.

Marius’ Last Con?

Could it be that Marius actually pulled off another con on the Bowman/Bernhardts? His interaction with Maggie, urgent desire to get out to California to join the search for Lila, and strange looks of anguish, gave rise to the thought he had. My theory?

Marius did not just assume Pete Murphy’s identity. He helped his mother take over Pete’s Aunt Lila’s too. Why? To help her lay low. Marius never spoke highly of his mother and based on what he said it was clear she was not a great person.

That said, his brother was not the most likable guy either, and Marius went to extraordinary lengths for him, so it would fit. Marius' mom would have been an interesting character to have met in the future.

Due to the cancellation, “Sneaky Pete” will not return to give an answer on Marius' involvement either way. I would like to think that he did not help his mother assume Lila’s identity. However, the way the character is set up, it seems a logical, albeit tragic, leap to believe he did.

Final Thoughts

I will miss this charming series which featured a multi-generational cast working together. We do not see enough shows/movies that feature multiple generations interacting. At least, not in a way in which it is front-and-center and drives story. A reassuring talk now and then? Sure. A plotline where those relationships are at the fore? Not so much.

“Sneaky Pete” was a special show, and it finally realized all of its potential greatness in its third and final act. Season 1 and Season 2 were both incredibly entertaining seasons. Season 3's Ricky Jay infused adventure brought it new heights. Hopefully, an audience will find the show later on, and it will gain enough traction for a feature-length sendoff that resolves the plots mentioned above.

I am eternally grateful that all of the Bowman/Bernhardts (except for Julia) remained none the wiser about Marius being an imposter. That is one con, this fan never wanted “Sneaky Pete” to expose. Grandpa Otto’s hug was a great way for the show to say that whatever the truth was; Marius was a member of their family. This fan would like to think it stays that way permanently.

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