TV Review: 'Black Spot' ('Zone Blanche') Season 2 Premiere On Netflix Is Spellbinding

Black Spot Zone Blanche Season 2 Laurรจne Suliane Brahim
In its Season 2 premiere, “Black Spot” (originally titled “Zone Blanche”) makes it clear that it has returned with no dead zones. The supernatural thriller picks up a couple months after the harrowing events of its first season finale.

Villefranche has moved on as only it can. Chalking up another bizarre turn of events to the ever-surprising landscape it calls home. The first season ended on the surreal sight of its central protagonist returning from what seemed like certain death.

Laurรจne's brush with mortality is mentioned several times. An openly known event that everyone finds more curious than she does. Is it because she already felt the forest's power? Or it something else? Either way, it is that disturbing mystery from her teens that she decides to focus on as “Black Spot” Season 2 gets underway.

All the while, the series' other mysteries also garner attention. Siriani is working to put away Gรฉrald Steiner for the murder of his own granddaughter. Accordingly, Laurรจne's daughter, Cora (Camille Aguilar), is struggling with the confirmed murder of her best friend, and the lead up to it.

There is a lot at play, and Teddy Bear (Hubert Delattre) and the rest of the team are ready to get to the bottom of it. Overall, everything that occurs does not disrupt the fabric of what we know. It just diligently adds on.

How impressively in command “Black Spot” was of its identity in its first season proves crucial to it maintaining it in its second. So many times, shows can lose themselves due to that variance. To its huge credit, this taut thriller seems to be in no danger of losing its grip on its personality with its opening installment.

Laurรจne (Suliane Brahim) and Teddy Bear's friendship and partnership continue to breathe life into the series on an emotional level. As does her somewhat antagonistic bond with Siriani (Laurent Capelluto). Laurรจne’s improved relationship with her daughter also provides a surprising and sweet turn.

Choosing to skip ahead in time rather than pick up directly after Season 1, feels like a natural fit for the series. In the Season 2 premiere, the characters fill the audience in on the important stuff without telegraphing "recap."

The duality of “Black Spot” as both a supernatural thriller and police procedural continues to be walked well. Even as it undertakes the risky maneuver of going way back in time. It fails to lose itself.

Horror is a tricky tightrope and the series manages to hold back from overdoing it. At its core, it is more “Bates Motel” than a creature-of-the-week serial. Having earned its place as one of the best series of 2018, I have strong reason to think “Black Spot” can two-peat.

The supernatural side of its mythos continues to hit with enough believable creepiness as to keep it from losing its sense of realism. There are often all-too-human causes for the mysterious deaths that occur in Villefranche.

As Season 2 gets started, it is tough to know how far “Black Spot” plans to take its paranormal elements. Are they real? Or is a believer in the occult making it appear they are? This viewer looks forward to finding out where the search for answers takes this absorbing and fantastically filmed series.

Rating: 8/10

The first two seasons of “Black Spot” (originally “Zone Blanche”) are currently streaming on Netflix.

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