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Is 'The Swarm' An Ew-La-La Netflix Creature Feature Worth Watching?

A single mother tries to keep her family’s experimental farm venture afloat amid a resentful teenage daughter, an understanding son, and a kind-hearted neighbor (Sofian Khammes) with a crush. These are the dynamics at play and odds with each other when “The Swarm” (“La Nuée”) begins. The French-Bel…

Top 5 Most-Read Posts Of 2019: 'Black Spot' Takes Spotlight

The most-read content on Eclectic Pop during 2019 spoke to an intense interest in television. All five spots are taken by TV-centric posts. Interestingly, none of the shows that drew attention were on network television. Their U.S. presence is based entirely on streaming. As teased in the above ph…

Best TV Of 2019: 'Yellowstone,' 'Money Heist,' 'You' And More

The power of TV kept burning bright in 2019 with the follow-up installments of “Yellowstone,” “Money Heist,” and “You.” They were not alone as “Game of Thrones” returned for its final bow. In a year that witnessed television continue to soar, new shows readied to take the lead. Thus, continuing a …

'Black Spot' ('Zone Blanche') Season 2: That Ending And Theories That Could Explain It

The ending of “Black Spot” (“Zone Blanche”) Season 2 takes viewers down more twists and turns in Villefranche. By the end of it, there are still just as many questions as there are newfound answers. This is the essential info you need to know about the paranormal thriller's ending and why it m…

TV Review: 'Black Spot' ('Zone Blanche') Season 2 Premiere On Netflix Is Spellbinding

In its Season 2 premiere, “Black Spot” (originally titled “Zone Blanche”) makes it clear that it has returned with no dead zones. The supernatural thriller picks up a couple months after the harrowing events of its first season finale.
Villefranche has moved on as only it can. Chalking up another …

TV Review: 'Black Spot' Season 1

Weird events are happening in the small fictional town of Villefranche. The murder rate has been escalating, eclipsing the national average. Determined to get to the bottom of that and other mysteries is a prosecutor with a firm grip on justice.